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super appropriate!

great movie. funny cute and not at all inappropriate i mean there is one seen where a kid helps out behind a bar but it’s the dads best friends bar so you can see how that is appropriate!

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Football? What's a football?

I triple dog dare ya to watch this movie, compare it to the original, and then still think it's a good movie. There were SOME some good things about it, and a LOT of bad things about it. We'll start with the good: #1. Some original actors. #2. Similar style to the old Christmas Story with flashbacks and Ralphie's imagination. #3. The bully has become a good person (though evidently a terrible father). #4. Ralphie blesses himself in one scene. (I think he's Catholic! Hooray!). And now for the bad parts: #1. Multiple unnecessary uses of crude and foul language. #2. Too much drinking. #3. Ralphie's jail fantasy. #4. Ralphie's mother's character. She's rude, manipulative, encouraged bad behaviour and was not at all like the original mother. #5. Ralphie’s ten year-old son sneaks a look at a women's underwear catalog. #6. Randy's character. A sleazy good-for-nothing lazing in India. What on earth? What happened to the little kid in the first movie that he would turn out like that? #7. Schwartz's character. I hate that he's a full grown adult without a job, living with his mom, constantly drinking at the bar and he never even pays his tab. What kind of life is that? #8. Flick's character. Why, out of every job under the sun, does he have to run a bar? This movie seems to revolve quite a bit around drinking. #9. Ralphie’s daughter “blackmails” the kid next door. Granny condones this with a “That’s my girl!”. #10. THE CAROLLER SCENE. Good grief, the caroller scene. I can not express how utterly stupid that entire part was. #11. That weird drunk who sits at the bar all day to avoid his wife and eats too much. #12. Aunt Clara didn’t send any presents. #13. Ralphie’s dad is dead. I thought the whole point of having the father be dead was because they were using the original mother. But since they didn’t, there was no reason to have the father dead. R.I.P. There was so much potential to make a really great movie, but so much of it was wasted. I wish they had done a better job. God Bless you and your family and have a very Merry Christmas!

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Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 8+

Awesome Sequel to A Christmas Story

I thought it was really good. Their were some hilarious parts to it that my family enjoyed. I loved seeing how much Ralphie grew up, because A Christmas Story is one of my favorites. (PARENTS ONLY PAST THIS PART) If your child is wondering a little about Santa, this movie wouldn't be the best. It doesn't say specifically Santa isn't Real, but Parents go christmas shopping behond their parents back, presents are stolen, and kids are asked if they really need anything for Christmas.

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Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
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Don't make a sequel 40 years later.

This was a exhausting, and way poorly planned sequel. They wrapped things up in A Christmas Story, but apparently 40 years later, they decided to make a sequel, no story, barely any plot, and random spikes of humor. And Raplhie's dad randomly died, which while watching I as a 10 year old predicted. You can't expect to make a movie with 10-50 year old people thinking 40 years later near thanksgiving, when only old people watch it and nobody is watching Christmas movies, everyone will still be alive. We were doing movie night and were interested ( my dad and step mom ) in watching this movie. WE HAD TO CHANGE IT BECAUSE US 3 AGREED IT SUCKS. Even though there was some funny points, I recommend if you want to watch this, watch the original.
age 8+

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