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Not enjoyable

I watched this hoping it would be a good horror. It looked good and the plot got set up well. However as the film progressed I got increasingly bored, nothing happens for the first half of the movie and when something finally does its not scary. Its uncomfortable and not in a good way, the scene left me cringing and I turned of the movie. I won't go back to it as I feel there's no point. It's not scary. It could of been done well but it wasn't and I was left disappointed and as I said rather uncomfortable.

This title has:

Too much violence
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age 16+

Extremely violent Italian horror movie with aesthetically-pleasing visuals!

A Classic Horror Story is definitely one of the most bizarre, violent, but extremely aesthetically-pleasing movie I've ever seen. Plus, it's one of the actually few horror movies that make your heart stop, that gets you worried and drenched with fear--though, maybe this only happens whenever you watch it at three in the morning in a dark room. Aside from that, expect to see a LOT of violence (including blood, gruesome images, and broken bones). Also, most of the characters are in peril due to a satanic cult. Language such as "f--k", "b---h", and "s--t" are frequent. There's some drinking and a brief scene of male buttocks exposed. In general, it's a pretty good horror movie with a twisted ending!

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing