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Educator Written by1585566 July 19, 2012

Good themes... some violence

The movie opens with a pretty graphic scene... elephants are slaughtered by gunfire and their tusks are removed. I would be careful around animal lovers. The parents of the children are killed early on in the movie. Now they don't show the process occurring, but they do show partial images of the parents' bodies. In the beginning, one of the characters says "bulls**t" Otherwise, there are a few other minor words (h*ll, d*mn.) There is a theme of perseverance throughout this entire movie, which is a great thing to talk about with your kids. The main characters are definite role models because they are strong, empathetic towards people of different cultures, and caring of the environment around them. I showed it to my students, ages 11-17 and they all really enjoyed it. It opens up much discussion about poaching, illegal trades, and people of different culture.
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