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Moving, poetic meditation on life, death, love, place.
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Adult Written bymyopinionisbest July 26, 2017

Slow, dreamlike film tries to tackle complex, abstract themes

A Ghost Story is a slow burn with long dialogue-less sections, and most younger children probably wouldn't have the patience to sit through it. There are two overly long scenes that could have been cut or at least heavily edited down (one where Rooney Mara does nothing but eat a pie and one where a character we've never met before goes on a 5-minute philosophical rant). Besides that, this is a beautiful film both visually and thematically. The director is a genius with lighting, and considering this movie was made for $100,000, this is the best looking movie I've ever seen made for that kind of money. If you let the movie suck you in, it will leave you with a lot to think about. Whether the ghosts are in purgatory or just finishing unresolved business, it will connect with audiences on many emotional and spiritual levels. The worst thing in this movie in terms of inappropriate content is a decomposing skeleton, so if you can handle that, this movie should be fine.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byKelli J. October 7, 2017


Kept waiting for it to pick up...never does. The director indulges himself by making a movie that he loves, rather than us. The pie eating scene was about 5 minutes long, where people are talking about how emotional it was. Meh. We got the point immediately...there was no need to draw it out. Casey Affleck was great when he was acting, but I kept thinking, "vid they pay him a lot of money to literally wear a sheet most of the time? I'm not an impatient person until I think someone is wasting my time, which this movie did. The ending scene will have you furious, not asking question and starting conversations. Very indulgent and anyone Who says differently is either in Hollywood or thinks highly of "art" and thinks black paint on a canvas is compelling. Its black paint on a canvas and it's indulgent. Watch it at home while surfing the net, if you see it at all. Seriously, furious ending. Also anyone under 60 would be bored.
Adult Written byMarcie R. January 7, 2018

So bad and ridiculous it made us laugh.

My kids (age 12 and 14) and I actually thought this movie was a joke. We laughed so hard at some points we were crying. When we saw the ghost one of us screamed then laughed and someone else said "really low budget for the CGI" and then we all laughed again. Movie moves so so slow, you literally watch a women sit on the floor and eat a pie for 6 minutes, I guess she is supposed to be sad, but she doesn't look it at any time in the movie. If you are wanting a few laughs and don't mind fast forwarding during the achingly slow parts and wondering what in the heck the people who made this were thinking then go for it. Otherwise try watching paint dry, it will go faster.