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Ridiculous, dreadful film doesn't feature cute puppies.
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Teen, 16 years old Written byYllNvrTkeMeAlveCpprs February 4, 2018

From the creator of "A Talking Cat!??", how good can it possibly be?

If you've seen "A Talking Cat!?!", this movie is basically the same thing, except it lacks the charm and novelty. Out of all the characters, the teenage boy is the worst. He wants to go to film school, is lazy and not interesting. His girlfriend looks and sounds way older than him, but is still just as immature and unlikeable. The only dog in this movie is a drooling adult bulldog who pants the entire time, not a puppy like you'd except from the title. The "dog" isn't even a real dog, he's the mother's boyfriend turned into a dog. The teenage boy's girlfriend is a "witch", and saying a bunch of gibberish followed by "neato" apparently is the formula to turn someone into a bulldog. A little further into the film they find the dog. No one knows who it really is though, and they bring it with them on their trip. When they get to their destination, the mom spends like 5 minutes just petting and playing around with the dog (most likely to kill time to make the movie feature length). The bulldog continues to pant and look miserable. They obviously filmed this movie in southern California. I feel really sorry for the dog being in that sweltering heat. Later, the teenage boy and girl come across an old "witch's" (hippie's) house nearby and tell her about the dog and how the mom's boyfriend is missing. The old hippie warns them and says they shouldn't haved fooled around with magic. The teenage boy denies that she's a witch and tells her to prove it. The old lady does a spell with really bad special effects, and then he believes her. Skipping ahead, the bullies steal their magic spell book and force them to go through a really bad haunted house to get it back. It's clearly someone's garage and the decorations are foil taped to the walls and a few fake spider webs that wouldn't even scare a two year old. The haunted house is not even "mildy" scary. I have no idea what Common Sense Media is talking about. Predictably, they get their book back. I won't spoil the end for you, but you should probably have a pretty good idea of what happens. Overall an awful movie, and did I mention the title credits are dreadfully long? This whole movie feels unbearably long and seems to drag on for hours, but really it's only 80 minutes. The reason for that is probably because of how boring it is. Don't make yourself suffer by watching this film.

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