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age 12+

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age 12+

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age 12+

Fun Brady Sequel Is Still For Teens And Up

A Very Brady Sequel may appeal to kids, but the film's humor is still mature. Expect numerous instances of adult innuendo, as well as some intense scenes involving kidnapping and a very prominent scene of drug induced hallucination.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 14+

Better but still shitty as ever!

Is this not a better movie for the Brady’s Bunch?! Once you you get used to the shitty development of the characters (all of the characters) you actually can enjoy 5% more of the movie. This is a better movie to the Brady Bunch but it is still shitty as ever and crappy as ever too! I can’t believe I saw the sequel of this movie; it really was more of “I did not see this” movie type but once I start a shitty series like this you have to finish it no matter how crappy it can be!!! Sure there’s a mystery involved with this, but really it is so shitty that I suffer once again in seeing this movie! I just can’t believe I saw this film. The dialogues is so crappy, the acting is weak, and on top of that all the characters are so annoying to watch and hear! They as irritating as ever and whenever they say some kind of lines, it seemed like they were talking A.I. robots. What a regret of a movie I saw and to be honest it sucks so badly that it manages to entertain but that’s about all! The movie is so weak it can barely uphold strong enough; really it sucks so bad . . . That somehow I managed to see this my vie even after how shitty it is; anyway, this is a forgettable movie! I have seen the Brady Bunch movies series and it sucks badly so hard that it’s not one that you should check into!
age 11+

Hilarious sequel is funny but mature

Sex- 3 (Mature Themes)

This title has:

Too much sex
age 12+

why for older kids?

Not something youd let a 8-12 year old watch considering marcia and greg are siblings and there is a scene when they are making out.You wouldnt your kids asking about incest.