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Adult Written bymrsrobinson97 April 9, 2008

Great "Made for TV" Movie!

The overall message of this Sci-Fi/Fantasy movie is that family members need each other and that the world is a evil place without love. This was an enjoyable movie for our family. The quality & effects of the movie are great for a movie that was made for TV, not nearly the same quality as big screen films like Harry Potter. There are some dark scenes, and effects that would scare younger children. The separation of family members was worrisome to my 7-year old. Examples: the father is missing, the kids are told to stay together and they don't, the kids leave their mom and younger brothers behind as they go to search for their dad.
Parent Written byK.K.C. December 25, 2014

human love conquers all?

All movies have a premise or philosophy behind them to some degree. I found that this movie has a occult/new age/goddess mythology combined with a kind of psychological indoctrinating pressure that intensified throughout the film. There is a clear tramatic element going on in the lives of these characters & how does one cope? Wrinkles' answer: look inside yourself or to the medium with his crystal ball or to the goddesses for strength. It's quite subtle- the evil red eyed "It" character is defeated & evil's affects lessened for a while, but meanwhile the audience is influenced with poor messages & that's why I gave it 2 stars.
Parent Written bySeanfromSanford May 28, 2011

Love Conquers All

My eight year old and I, his father, are avid readers. We listen to books on tape as he falls to sleep at night and we tried the book. It is rare when we pass on one, this one went on and on about missing sheets. We gave up on it, I guess we did too soon. We thought this movie was fantastic, excellent 'good vs. evil' theme and 'it's ok to be different'. Enchanting special effects, I am amazed I never heard of it. I read it was originally going to be a mini-series and was cut to this version. I would love to see the movie in it's entirety. I read a new version is in production, I can't wait.
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Adult Written bygilly_boy March 2, 2016

They need to make a remake that is hopefully better

When I was in elementary school, I watched to from the library and thought it was fantastic. Now that I'm older and have seen a lot more story wise, I find that the movie has a lot of gaps, not plot wholes, gaps. The dialogue is all fragmented; you know that writing game where one person writes a sentence and the next person writes something else following that sentence, well it was like that only that the next person completely disregarded the last sentence and just wrote whatever. That's what it sounded like when watching the movie. The story also didn't really explain anything like why Kelvin was there besides that humans are social creatures. The kids don't really ask anything, they just except it and move on; like when Mrs. Which showed up and told Who and Whatsit to get rid of them, the next second shows it's night time and the kids are laying around the fire. Speaking of the characters, the movie has tried to show character development but it failed. It tried to show their school and home life, how different they are from everyone else, then showing Meg's inner conflict but there wasn't really anything there. For most of the movie it was as if the characters barely showed anything, like was nothing to them. This movie over all seems more like a test for special effects than to be an actually movie. The story is all over the place, the dialogue is in pieces and the characters seem more like blank slates. So unless your kid doesn't care about the story and is just into the effects, pick something else.
Adult Written byelmer21 March 23, 2015
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