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age 14+

Honestly, it's not that bad

I think this movie is not as sexy and innaporpriate as it seems. There are some sex scenes and drinking scenes, but nothing kids 14 and up can't handle. At this age, children are wacthing these kind of movies all the time and this one is nothing out of the ordinary. This is mostly about relationships and toubles that even a simple "I love you" can face. It does talk about one night stands and there are many in the movie, but the moral is that a one night stand is never good, which promotes a good message. I think this movie is very humorous and I think many teens will enjoy it.
age 15+

About Last Night- appropriate for teens

I definatly had some doubts about this movie at first. I thought it would be extremely sexual. Even though their were some sexist jokes made, and some drinking scenes, I don't think the movie was that innapropriate. Their was no nudity or extremely sexy scenes. There was a bit of swearing but nothing too bad. This is a good chick flick, feel good movie about relashionships, and frienships. I reccomend it for a child 15 or over. Overall, it was a very funny and uplifting film.

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Too much swearing
age 16+

16 and up.

this romance movie about last night is a funny good and cute movie about love and friends stars with kevin hart, regina hall, Micheal ealy, and joy Bryant this romance movie is only for older adults and parents you need to know that about last night has a lot of sex talk and sex scenes but no nudity shown there's also constant strong language used and a lot of social drinking used despite all the contant this romance movie has a positive message about a good relationship requires clear and honest communication, plus heaps of patience the role model is that Danny is a good guy, through and through, even if he sometimes has trouble expressing his feelings. Debbie, played by Joy Bryant, is also a decent person with an open heart, and their friends are loyal. They don't always handle relationship situations well, but they don't purposefully hurt others. One character's humor is sexist at times, in one instance calling women who rebuff his advances "lesbians."

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking