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Parent of a 12 year old Written bylittleone522 February 6, 2011

Not for kids under 13

I was quite surprised at the language in this movie. All swear words are found in this movie that I thought was "safe" for kids. "son of a b" is found at least five times, "Sh_t" is found at least three times, "as_hole" is found twice and "as_" is also said a couple of times, "bast_rd" is found at least once and the "F" word is used at least twice. Other words that are a concern for younger kids would be "H0m0" found 3 times, "r_pe" found once, "sex fiend" is also mentioned. "Jes_s" and "Chr_st" are also said many times throughout this movie. There are many conversations in this movie that are sex related and not for younger veiwers.
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Parent of a 8 year old Written bybobsax April 9, 2008

Really bad Language and sexual themes

The TV version of this is fine to watch with kids as young as 8. I wish that version was available on DVD For some reason movies of this era thought it necessary to include profanity and this one will teach your little ones all the worst ones. I was really shocked and embarrassed when I watched this with my 7 year-old. By the way at the time there was no review on CSM.
Adult Written byMovieLover4Lyfe June 3, 2010
Well...I think this is a cute movie, but there are some pitfalls that parents need to watch out for. First of all the babysitter takes the children into the city, without permission to do so. This isn't the best lesson to teach your kids. But Elisabeth Shue is a darling actress! The children always manage to get out of the trouble they get into to. The violence can be comedic, but there's also some scenes that would scare younger children. As far a sexual content goes there's some kissing, and between a girl and someone younger than her. Playboy is mentioned often throughout the movie. You also see a prostitute proposition a young boy. Profanity wise there are a lot of inappropriate language that children and teens shouldn't be exposed to. Some commercialism, but nothing most children haven't seen just living in the real world. There's some drinking with adults and you see teens drinking at a college party. Overall 14+
Adult Written bywonder dove October 22, 2013

FUN, Hilarious Movie for Older Kids!!

I watched Adventures in Babysitting plenty of times as a kid but most of the "bad stuff" was dubbed on TV. When I watched the actual movie, VHS and DVD, I was highly surprised at the language throughout. It definitely deserves the PG-13 rating! Elisabeth Shue plays Chris Parker, a 17 year old that takes an evening babysitting job when her boyfriend cancels their anniversary dinner. Her best friend Brenda is troubled and runs away from home. Brenda frantically calls Chris from a payphone at a bus station in down-town Chicago in desperate need of money, from there she is terrorized by creepy characters and even one with a gun. Chris has no choice but to pick up Brenda but she must take the kids along for the ride - Sara, her older brother Brad and his best friend Daryl. On the way, they get a flat tire and run into a freaky man in a giant tow truck with a hook for a hand who offers to tow Chris' station wagon and get it fixed. But that's only beginning, Chris and the kids must go through a series of hilarious events (like being chased all night by a group of men, being held hostage, singing on stage at a blues bar, kid hangs from a rope outside a large building, running into thugs on a subway, taking Brad to the hospital, running into Brad & Sara's parents at a dinner party, Chris spotting and confronting her boyfriend with another woman...and much more!) In the end, they must find their car, pick up Brenda (if she's still alive) and get home fast before the parents get back! Such a fun movie full of endless adventures!!! Language is a concern and includes the f-word at least 3 times, several uses of sh*t, b*tch, Godd@mn, Jesus. Violence includes a shooting that hits Chris's car window, a stabbing to the foot on a subway, creepy tough-guy criminals chasing the kids all night, Chris tells a story about a murderer with a hook for a hand - they later meet a man with a hook for his hand, gun shown, couple of funny fist fighting scenes, punching, a kid hangs from a rope outside a high-rise building, Brenda picks up a rat when she thinks it's a bunny (without her glasses) and later freaks out, some threatening words. Sexual content includes glimpses of a playboy magazine throughout the film (no nudity), some sex references like a college girl asks a boy to go to bed with her, quick passionate kissing scene at a party, a boy calls someone a penis, a boy comments that a girl has large breasts, a prostitute talks to a boy, a boy refers a superhero as a H0m0. There's social drinking. Okay for mature 13+ viewers!
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