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Adventures in Zambezia

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Nice and clean family fun movie

It's one of those few movies which doesn't have anything related to sexual attraction, which is somehow creeping in all cartoon movies these days. Storyline was simple and although I didn't find it much entertaining, it was clean humor which is way more valuable to me. A family friendly movie with the message that sticking together is important even when the going gets tough.

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age 4+

Will be watching this again. :)

A lovely movie. We have enjoyed watching it together as a family. No sexual innuendo and other inappropriate content too often present in animated movies. Thank you Triggerfish! And a fantastic score by a remarkably talented local South African.
age 4+

Living in Africa - we looooved this movie

My kids are 8, 6 and 4 and they all totally loved this movie. I didn't even realise it was old till I googled it but it is absolutely accurate with the types of birds and animals in Africa which appealed to my wildlife crazed 6 year old son...seeing as peregrine falcons are a win at this age ...having a movie that (although it has a scary lizard and some mean birds) was fun, pretty harmless and entertaining and I would say was one of the lessor scary ones (Disney much scarier cartoons) was refreshing. I enjoyed it too and I think it's a lovely movie for the whole family...especially so if it's a familiar setting ;P