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Adventures in Zambezia

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CAUTION: SPOILER ALERTS I have a lot to say about this title. It all started back when I was in elementary school. My little brother said they voted on a movie to watch in his class and they chose Adventures in Zambezia. He described it as a weird movie with birds in it: a falcon, his dad, and a little fat bird. He didn't say much else. After much searching on youtube I found the full film. It was watchable. I laughed at Cecil's cousin at times, (mostly when he was telling the speech with Cecil and his remarks about pudding), but I didn't laugh much else. I didn't appreciate the fact that the message seemed to be to accept others that are different than you, but they accept half of the people against them, and let them assist in dropping the other half into a canyon. I felt bad for Budzo when he died. (I'm not saying Kai should have died, but I don't see how he escaped from the net). I didn't see Budzo as a criminal, but as an outsider trying to feed his 200 family members who were thrown into a canyon as he tried to get food (monitor lizards are carnivores, he was doing his job... sort of...). I felt bad when the birds repeatedly threw flower pots, nets, and weird smoke bombs on Budzo and then he was covered in streaks of pink afterwards. I'll stop talking about Budzo. I just love reptiles so much that I guess I don't like to see lizards be killed in mass. It was otherwise okay. The makers meant well. It's an okay movie.

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