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Against the Sun

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age 11+

Great movie, unsatisfactory ending, lots of blood.

The movie is great. It's about 3 pilots stranded in the sea. There's no sexual stuff 2 swear words (sh-t) and there's quite a bit of blood. There is a scene were they cut open a shark and eat the insides, I was watching this with my 46 year old mother and she was a little disturbed. *I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE AFRAID OF BLOOD TO WATCH* Good movie but the ending is a little unsatisfactory and leaves you wanting more. Good thing to watch on a Saturday afternoon.

This title has:

Too much violence
age 11+

4 star

Good film, barely any swearing.
age 14+

Violent war story is basically Unbroken again.

My rating PG-13 for: intense war violence, and brief language.