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Adult Written byMovieLover4Lyfe October 6, 2010
This is the better of the two Cody Banks movies by far. The acting is much better and there is more action for kids to sink there teeth into, without going overboard.
Adult Written byact5221 April 9, 2008

Much better than the first one

Apparently the writers felt the heat from parents about the gross death of the first bad guy and the politically incorrect insults. This new movie has more slapstick laughs and less grit, which is perfect for the young kids this was intended for. My kids enjoyed this one more and the bad guy exploding water bottles was easier to explain to them than the disintergrating bad guy from the first movie. Also the fact that the bad guys go to jail and the good guys get rewarded was nice.
Adult Written by4Spice June 15, 2010

good movie

i liked the first one better but this one is good too watch this movie with your family 8 and over for action