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age 7+

Intense but funny and cool

(Written by 8yo boy) - I didn't like this movie at first but then the second time I watched it I started to enjoy it. I have now seen it three times and I want to watch it a fourth. I was intense in most scenes, but cool too. So I think 7 and 8-year-olds will like it.
age 15+

Absolute Musical Perfection

Rating 10/10 Aladdin truly is magical. Aladdin has a long and illustrious legacy. As usual, the plot of beggar Aladdin and Princess Jasmine fighting for their love is incredible. This movie was great !! It has comedy,action,romance,adventure and everything else including in all genres of all movie. The acting from everyone was great. Good acting performance by Will Smith a.k.a Genie, Mena Massoud a.k.a Aladdin & Naomi Scott a.k.a Jasmine. For all of you, go see it you wont regret it !! Absolute musical perfection.

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Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
Too much consumerism
age 2+

Shark Tale Genie

age 5+

Entertaining for the whole family!

This was an awesome movie- very funny and entertaining for myself and kids. Will Smith as the genie was hilarious, and the music was fantastic! I believe the story has positive role models, is still appropriate for kids yet contains humor that even adults find funny.
age 10+

Really good update on the classic!!

As someone who grew up with the original, I really liked this update on the classic! It has the things you remember from the original, at the same time they added some new elements here and there and put up the events in a little different order. I liked that, it gave you a whole new experience. And Will Smith did an excellent job doing his own thing as the Genie! The songs might not have the same fast paced energy as the animated one, but they're still good, and it's live action! It's supposed to look a little different! And the comedy between Jafar and Iago are completely left out here, but that's ok since I don't think it would have worked so well for live action. I also like how they are portraying the culture and people a little better here in this version, with the details. And Jasmine is a strong leader here which I think works very well and her new song is absolutely amazing! And it is also a very lighthearted movie, just like the original. What more can I say, highly recommend this new movie to you and your family! :)
age 7+

Great messages, a little scary for young kids.

Amazing. But it is truly intense, with some scary scenes. It could be 8 and up, but I think 7 and up is ok too.

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Great messages
Great role models
age 9+

Awful. Skip it and watch the original.

Rushed story, bad CGI effects, horrific auto-tuned vocals. It’s a shame it shares it’s name with the wondrous, excellent original 1992 classic.
age 7+

So great! I didn't think it could be better than the original, but it was!

Great upgrade on the music and Will Smith is respectful to Robin Williams' original, but definitely makes it his own. My 9 yo and I loved the movie and listen to the album again and again.

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Great messages
Great role models
age 14+

lots of sorcery and creepy not child friendly!

I watched this with my 8 year old thinking it was going to be cute just like the Disney movie however I was pretty shocked and disappointed! It’s creepy so much so that it was pretty intense especially the sorcery in this movie! I don’t recommend this movie for any child. I feel like it’s more an adult movie or a highly mature teen.
age 6+

Perfect family film!

A perfect family film. I didn't know what to expect because I'd heard some bad reviews (all unfounded) but both myself and my whole family were enthralled by this film. It has all the ingredients for a quality film, great characters, great acting, a tried and tested story, gripping, bags of laugh out load humour and visually awesome. Its magic and has left us all feeling on a high.

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models