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Alien Trespass

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Nostalgia +++

If you liked Eric McCormack in Travelers and Stewart Patrick in Star Gate Atlantis will probably like this movie.
age 8+

I Wish it Were a Series

I was so pleasantly surprised by this movie. No, it's not a blockbuster, people are too jaded for that. What it is though, is a campy, fun, loving trip through nostalgic monster movies of the 50's. It was clean. It was fun. I smiled all the way through it and laughed at the monster costume. I actually thought it was the first episode of a series and I was really excited that I'd found something new to watch. So when I realized it was a movie, I was disappointed. If you can't just be silly and enjoy simplicity, you are probably too solphisticated for this movie. But if you can do both, I think this is a winner. I will probably watch it again and look for all the treasures they likely added into the movie that I didn't notice the first time.
age 10+

CLEAN!!! Decent, old-style scifi.

This was one of the CLEANEST movies I've seen in a while. If you've seen the "Blob" or "It Came From Outerspace", or just enjoy tongue-in-cheek scifis, you'll likely enjoy this. The kids making out and talking about... the usual... you'll want to skip, but besides that it really is very tame and surprisingly entertaining.

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age 10+
Silly spoof movie, only watch it if your really bored.