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All About Eve

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All About Narcissism

This is a great movie. It's about more than just ambition, though. It's about narcissism, betrayal, deceit, and many other ambiguous behaviors. It depicts the early 1950s real world behind the scenes in Hollywood. Great performances and great script spur great dialogues with teens.
age 13+
This movie deserved every award it was given. Stunning performances, especially from Bette Davis. The story is fabulous and keeps audiences entertained from beginning to end!
age 9+

Funny and Witty Drama...

ALL ABOUT EVE is a wonderful film. It is well-written, witty, funny, and marvelously acted. And, it's perfect for kids who like great movies, since there's very little objectionable content. No sex, language, or violence, just a lot of smoking.

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Too much drinking/drugs/smoking