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age 12+

All is Lost - What Not To Do and What to Think About

Robert Redford stars as the sailor known as ‘our man’, we’re introduced to him yachting solo at sea, and what a sea! This journey doesn’t offer us as much to emotionally connect with as did ‘Adrift’ and ‘The Mercy’ for here, we know nothing about ‘our man’s’ background - apart from an apologetic letter we witness him write (to what sounds like a family) I’m constantly in awe of the sea and understand the need to respect it but have little love of it...for long distance sailing that is. So why do some people pit themselves against a virtually unbeatable force? Many who take on the cradle of life, as a challenge to survive, end up losing their life. With little opportunity for dialogue, actions and reactions say it all – this makes the Cinematography most important and both the highly talented Frank G. De Marco (above water) and Peter Zuccarini (underwater – who just the year before scored with the dazzling; Life Of PI ‘12) - never let us down. A most effective music score by Alex Ebert adds the perfect pensive touch. Writer/Director J.C.Chandor, aided by excellent special effects, takes us out to sea and leaves us feeling like we may never find land again. ‘All is Lost’, in its own modest way, joins the great sea dramas in cinema history, and the DVD release is perfect.
age 16+

intense .great performance

only Redford can hold u captive for an hour plus not much dialogue but u don't need it as your drawn into his performance and follow and become him .very intense. well acted and great shots. awesome movie it will leave you wanting more and thinking for those who love boats and sailing a bonus but anyone can enjoy this movie that is so well acted by one of the true greats.
age 10+

Why all lost

As a veteran sailor and sailing the deep blue all the time I wasn't aware of this film however now I have seen it and read all the reviews I am somewhat disappointed with it! For veteran sailors like myself its not all that realistic it does look like it is but an experienced sailor is much better prepared than this character the mistakes made in the film are plenty and watching the film I just shook my head about the mistakes made. For inexperienced persons and probably kids from the age of 10-12 it is a film which is moving all the way till the end, Redford put down the character with great expertise as an actor. The director/producer however are not much familiar with life at sea especial a solo sailor (all the mistakes made!). I do not really believe it's a family movie but probably worth watching for some. Some mistakes as a sailor: 1) not waking up before the container hit his ship. 2) not taking care immediately of the electric/electronics, get them away from the water. 3) the sea-anchor, only retrievable in reverse and not direct. 4) the head on collision with the container to retrieve the sea-anchor, could be more damaged to the ship. 5) not being at all prepared as a veteran sailor should be. 6) In real bad weather/storms you don't take away or add sails you do that before the storm and sometimes no sail at all in severe storms just the sea anchor to keep you with the bow into the wind and waves. 7) live preservers, he doesn't wear any, no harness, live vest or lined on to the ship. 8) Not prepared for abandon ship, even though the life raft should be good for a crew of 4-6 according to the size of it it should hold water and life support for at least 4 days for 4-6 persons, this man had only 8 days and was totally out of water and food? 9) a white flare during the day? 10) yes it happens that dehydration and sun burning can affect the mobility of the voice. 11) a veteran sailor should be very familiar with sextant and navigation which he should have done immediately after the first mishap take bearings and plot down where he is, than sail for the shipping lane as much as he could. Other than all this (there are more!) it is worth watching.
age 10+


It is good but no real dialouge. It has the f word but is not innaprpriate.

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