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Teen, 13 years old Written bysoccer101chick06 April 9, 2008

I must

If u are intrested in teen movies or like volleyball or want to try it. This is perfect for you.
Teen, 16 years old Written byvolleyball7010 April 9, 2008

I loved ♥ this movie! =)

well i just have to say i love volleyball ♥ its about the best sport in the world ♥ this movie is great it shows how u should work for your dream and set aside ur differences to work for a common goal yess along the way it has a few references to sex. and the death in the movie could be desturbing to small children..but lets face the facts...there are worse thing out there like porn and some of that trshy rap music out there...i mean heres a halfway good movie out there..and i will actually teach ur kiddie a good mesage! so come on ppl and face the facts we arent living in ike 1950 where nothing was runchy..everything now its like that..this is as clean as ur gonnna get..if ur kid goes to pubic skool then they hear this everyday! so get over it this is why i ♥love♥ this movie! much l.o.v.e. x3..i hoped u liked my point of veiw and i oped u took the tie to read it it need to be said.
Kid, 11 years old April 9, 2008

i love it

i like the movie i seen it but it is a little sad because gabby mom and dad died and i was mad at becca because she did that do gabby
Teen, 14 years old Written byPoison Ivey October 5, 2009

kinda boring... I thought

It was playing on mtv so I watched it... it wasn't too bad as far as violence and sex go, so yeah, it's fine for 13 and up... if you really want to see it but I wouldn't recomend it. I didn't like it. I totally agree with csm.