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Alpha and Omega: The Legend of the Saw Tooth Cave

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age 8+

nonstop scary and otherwise boring. wish I'd skipped.

I chose this because it was short and looked fairly innocent. I wish I hadn't. It only redeemed itself in the last couple minutes. Otherwise it was just nonstop scary stuff -- let's go to the scary part of the forest! ghosts! spooky wind! run away! we're scared! -- over and over. It didn't even have any other cute plot to redeem it. Just other forest animals being nasty, sort of inexplicably. I was often confused by the plot. This just isn't a good movie. Since we started it, we hung on til the end in hopes it would all work out, and it kind of did. But the mystery, the story, left me scractching my head completely. Who writes a kids movie about (spoiler alert!) a wolf who gets shunned by her pack because she's born blind, and her mom dies trying to save her from being killed by the pack leader, and then some other wolves find her and take her back to the original pack to find her mom again (who's dead, btw!), but they menace her again -- that's some sick sh&t! One of my almost seven year olds kind of liked it because dogs are his favorite animal and the wolves were kind of like dogs. The other was pretty scared and not too entertained by it.
age 5+

Digital perfection

What a great movie it had the right amount of spooky the right amount of twist and a lot of good

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