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Parent of a 6 year old Written bymadsmooney1214 December 18, 2012

america beautiful 2 thin commandments

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL 2: THE THIN COMMANDMENTS, the follow-up to director Darryl Roberts' America the Beautiful, examines the American obsession with weight loss and dieting. Roberts explores the debates surrounding the ways that Americans define obesity, as well as the way that the government, the medical establishment, and the weight loss industry determine who's obese and how to help them. The various connections that society is making between health and weight are also discussed, as are the physical and emotional problems resulting from the assumption that the two issues are always related. The documentary takes a humorous and insightful look into various debates about what constitutes obesity and how to measure it. It's also openly critical of the medical establishment and government agencies, which the movie accuses of relying on both faulty data and social stigmas about size to make determinations about the relationship between fat and health. Adding to the controversy is the amount of money that the diet industry is making as a result of America's obsession with weight loss. The film's theme isn't particularly original, but its featured conversations with young boys and women who are struggling with various eating and exercise disorders show how important it is to keep talking about these issues. Meanwhile, the interviews with people who choose to live healthy, active, and happy lives while being at a weight that doctors and government agencies deem as inappropriate are inspiring. Throughout it all, the movie consistently sends the message that it's important to make some basic lifestyle decisions -- like making good food choices and exercising -- to live a healthier life, regardless of your size.
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