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Unnecessary graphic sex adds nothing to the movie

I have to give this film a low rating because the sex scenes are surprisingly graphic. Rarely do you see such pornographic displays of oral sex and certainly an R film should not have graphic oral sex. If the scenes had been between a man and a woman I think it would have been X rated. I'm surprised some people see this scene in Ammonite as just female nudity because it is a lot more than that. It's a shame to have to give it such a low rating because apart from that it is a good film. Also, there is no proof that Channing was a lesbian which also bothers me. If she was not and was still here to complain, it would be fair for her to say she had been misrepresented. I think if films are to be made about genuine factual people, then they should stick to the historical facts. Nobody wants to be misrepresented in life or after death. Blonde is another factional movie that misrepresents the truth about Marilyn Monroe. The author of the book makes no pretence it is anything else but fictional but then why call Marilyn, Marilyn when the other characters in the film or the book are recognizable as factual characters but are given fake names. The film Lawrence of Arabia bent the truth about T E Lawrence, as well. All good films but disappointing when you discover the film claims to be biographical but is actually fictional. Why lead kids and adults to believe something is historical when it is not! Also, I have concerns that in the secular world it seems any type of sex is fine. Where does it all end? Will paedophilia on screen one day be acceptable? It was much better when sex scenes were left to the imagination. They were more realistic because generally speaking there are no audiences to people's sex lives. Sex scenes in modern films have something unrealistically voyeuristic about them.

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Too much sex
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Ammonite. Dynamite!

This movie is a movie I could watch 2 times in a row. It was amazing! I love it when you have a movie with barely any words with so much emotion. Kate is amazing with portraying so much emotion with only facial expressions. Fantastic acting!