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An Affair to Remember

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age 12+

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age 12+

A film in two parts with a big tonal shift

The film feels like it is in two parts. The first part is witty, fun, comedic and plays Kerr and Grant well against each other. The second part of the film has a big tonal shift and I found myself struggling to stay engaged. I have a special disdain for when people who are supposedly in love with each other lie to each other for some alleged noble reasons. It's silly and in film and television downright annoying. I think it is terrible to encourage deception in intimate relationships and does not make for interesting drama.
age 10+

Satisfyinly/poeticaly amazing

PG: romantic/love moments, some kissing
age 18+

Fabulous and unforgettable

Will never forget the emotions felt watching this movie.
age 8+

Very Good Movie