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Slightly stiff but sumptuous and faithful production.
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Parent of a 8-year-old Written bykarenkonigsberg April 9, 2008

MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!

Bland? BLAND????? How could anyone in their right mind call Gerard Butler bland? As a (former) actress/singer/dancer, and a very hard-to-please one at that, I cannot remember the last time I was so utterly mesmerized by a performance so blazingly passionate and dead-on as that of Gerard Butler's. Do yourself a favor: don't listen to any negative reviews, and see this movie for yourself. It will blow you away.
Adult Written byProgressiveParent June 7, 2019

Complex plot, good for the right kid

I showed this to my 7 year old twins. They are pretty good with movies that would be above the level of most 7 year olds in complexity and they like things that are just a little scary and gross, so I figured this would be OK. I also know it was a complicated plot and they wouldn't be able to follow the story on their own, so I talked them through it and we discussed how the Phantom didn't manage his feelings and made very bad choices. We talked about how people treated him badly and his negative and unrealistic image of his own body. They agreed with Christine that his face wasn't so bad and talked about how he should have handled being picked on as a kid.

I didn't know that there was a brief shot in the background of a man mooning people. One of my daughters missed it entirely. The other said it was her favorite part. But still, I wish I knew it was in there in advance. Also, there is one explicit though bloodless murder, a second implied murder, and a decent amount of violence.

There are strong themes of domestic abuse, but that was above my kids' head. It would be a good discussion point for older kids.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byTrish T. June 3, 2018

Classic Opera

This movie is a musical. Some of the songs are amazing, others are just okay. Visually the movie is appealing.
Drinking/drug/smoking: The movie starts off with a lot of the cast members drinking/smoking and is sprinkled throughout the movie.
Violence: There are scenes of violence, the main male character and the phantom try to get at each other throughout the movie. There is a hanging following the opera in which the managers refused the Phantoms request to cast Charlotte as the lead and instead casts her as a silent page boy. You can see the victim gyrating in death while hanging on stage. That may be disturbing for young children. During the last opera, when Charlotte tries to lure the Phantom out, her hand rises to the Phantoms mask in mock affection and she rips off the mask. The scar appears red and a little gruesome and may be scary for some younger audience. Near the end of the movie, the phantom tries to choke the main male character against a metal grate.
Sex: there are a couple of kisses. As the phantom caresses Carlottas abdomen and hips, she leans back against him seductively. Some bare female midriffs in costume, some bare chested males in costume. There is a scene during the opera where Carlotta is cast as a page boy, where a male cast member is looking up a female cast members dress. There is a scene where a male cast member moons Carlotta. This is brief and happens somewhere between 54:00 and 54:44 minutes. The lyrics to the ballads have sexual underlying tones. Most young audience members will not pick up on it.
It was an enjoyable movie to watch. However, there wasn't any great messages to take away from it. It's pretty much about unrequited love.
Parent of a 10-year-old Written byxboxgeek April 25, 2011


the phantom of the opera is one of the greatest stage shows of all time lasting 24 years in the theatre it is truley andrew loyed webbers phenominon and a favorite of mine so when they made a movie i had high expectations ( as andrew loyed webber was on the set) and all i can say is they reached those expectations :)
Adult Written byVampireGirl April 9, 2008


This was an amazing movie
Adult Written byCloflo December 19, 2020

Powerfully Beautiful Musical

Phantom of The Opera is a wonderfully dark musical that even people who don't like musicals will enjoy.
The music is so melodic and well written it doesn't make you feel the aggravation some other musicals do.

The Phantom himself may be a bit scary to look at in one scene, he has either a serious burn or a birth defect that is the reason for him wearing his mask, the special effects make it look very real and nasty.

The whole concept of the story is that the Phantom wants to take Christine away with him to create music but also to be his lover. So if your child is old enough to understand the elusive talk of "pleasures of the flesh" you should make sure they are mature enough to not think it is sweet but understand the wrong in how he behaves towards Christine.

There are some low cut dresses that are a representation of the time period and a man looks through a peephole into the girls dressingroom but none of the girls are indecent.


Some people get killed by the Phantom and he threatens to kill Christine's fiancé infront of her but he does not. In the end he relatively becomes a better person who lets Christine go, but again, you child should be able to comprehend the difference between lust and love. This may even be a good movie to start that conversation with them.

Some cursing but nothing beyond a PG movie.
Adult Written byMax.hayward November 10, 2019

Great movie

This movie is great. One scene shows bare butt but it is easy to miss. I really enjoyed this movie.
Adult Written bymimijunebug November 24, 2016

a must see!

it is a great version of phantom of the opera the lyrics get changed a bit but it's still incredible

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Parent Written byhenry89e March 23, 2014

phantom of the opera

Personally it's a good movie. I first saw it when I was 9 years old and it didn't bother me, but it really depends on your child/children. there are some things that might bother them, like the unmasking, which shows slightly strong language." damn you, you little prying pandora, you lying deliah, curse you". which might not sit well with some children. One thing you deffintly want to think about is "past the point of no return" which has a very sexual and seductive meaning, along with the costumes,&lyrics. Personally you nedd to think about YOUR child, and his mentality, other than the movie itself. The only nudity is when carlottta is singing after think of me and one of the stagehands shows his rear end, there is really no reason to be worried about it.
Adult Written bylelexy2000 December 20, 2013

The Phantom of the Opera

I Thought it was a really good movie and i thought Emmy Rossum, Gerard Butler, and Patrick Wilson have really amazing voices. This movie is what shot Emmy Rossum to Stardom. Parents have to be careful with the phantoms obession of Christine with watching it with there kids
Adult Written byflipflops2012 January 30, 2012

Amazing movie!

Personally, I am not a big fan of musicals but I really enjoyed this one. The story line is excellent, but in my opinion the actors are what really made the movie. The only thing about the movie that some parents might not approve of is the violence. There is quite a bit of violence, but the only really disturbing scene I can think of is the scene that someone is shown hanged but it is a very brief scene.
Adult Written byI Tell It Like It Is June 30, 2011

Very good movie. In fact, a great movie.

It isnt a very violent film. We see a man get hanged. Thats about the worst of it. A man gets a bloody arm as the result of a swordfight.

D**n is used frequently. A man calls a woman a "delilah" and a "demon".

Women dance in suggestive outfits. A woman sings that a girl has slept with a man. A man runs his arms suggestively over a woman, she is wearing a shoulderless dress that at times appears it might slip off. A man and a woman kiss several times, nothing too passionate. Naked statues. Tons and tons of naked statues. Seen throughout the movie.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byToni Purple November 29, 2010

Perfectly fine for almost anyone

The stage musical is amazing, the movie is pretty good. If someone likes musicals they should be allowed to see it, there's nothing terrible here that will horribly scar small children. It's fine.
Parent of a 10-year-old Written bymahfit11 September 20, 2010


this is my all time favorite movie!! go see it with any age kid.. there is a couple seens of brief action violence. for sex there is one guy who moons carlotta( you can see the hairs on his butt)
and one or two f**ks and one or two s**ts, and one hell. but still go see it!

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Positive Messages
Adult Written byChristian reveiwer October 31, 2009

A moive to cherish

I have wanted to see phantom of the opera for a long time. It was really decent. There are some iffy parts. The way the Phantom has been treated as a young boy is a little disterbing for me and the way the phantom trys to kill is not my cup of tea. I will say this, in the end it is a great moive after all is said and done.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Positive Messages
Adult Written byjesus3boy October 14, 2009
awesome movie!! one dude moons the camera and almost every statue is of a topless woman which is kinda distracting.... but not too bad!

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Parent of a 10-year-old Written bygeorges113 September 11, 2009


great music great movie wonderful story... after u watch it u feel ur heart is no longer one piece... the story is about glory beauty of the spirit that is not what the face looks like.... great morale through out the movie...

A character is killed dramatically
Another is wounded
A huge fire rises

- Drinking: i remember one character drinking from a bottle probably vine
- Smoking: one of the mangers of the opera smokes cigar and then gives it to a girl his laughing with to smoke it but the scene is cut before she has it
- Sexually: 2 characters are seen in the background hugging and having a long kiss about 5 seconds the scene... characters still fully clothed and even the kiss is not visible seems like a hug
One character when an opera singer he doesn't like passes by shows his bare butt..
A character when having his role in the opera touches the back of 2 girls and the crowd laughs and the manager says "this is the kind of thing the public loves" (though they're all fully clothed the first girl less than a second and the second one about 1 or 2 seconds)
And as we read in the rating of the site above "Sexual undertones in the Phantom's obsession." the girl says to him that he's now more interested in flesh..
Later there's a kiss between the girl and her lover..

These are not things to worry about... the movie could be watched by an 11 or 12 year old... but in order to be liked and understood the person watching it must be at least 13 14 15...
hope i helped u decide if it's appropriate


This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 13-year-old Written byTsion February 3, 2009

A Haunting, Lucious, and Beautiful Achievement!

Coming from a long-time PHANTOM fan who has seen the play and listened to the music for SO long, I can say that the movie lived up to my expectations. Gerard Butler fell short of Michael Crawford's performance, but alone, when you're not comparing him to Crawford, he's great. The rest of the actors are spectacular, the visuals blow you out of your seat, and the opulent, breathtaking music has never sounded better.
Questionable material: Violence and sex. The Phantom has some anger issues, and he strangles several people onscreen. He is abused as a child, and viewers might be disturbed by his childhood disfigurement and murder. The Phantom's obsession with Christine is very physical, and though nothing is shown, there is some sensuous touching (rubbing of arms and clothed stomachs) and mention of "when we're one". A man briefly moons Carlotta, and you see his bare behind. Language is some "d**ns" and "hells". Great, breathtaking film, though not for all.
Adult Written byChi to April 9, 2008
Adult Written byyami0204 April 9, 2008