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Love and lust

clearly emphasizes on that topic , if you want to see guilty pleasure movies and know the difference between love and lust this is a perfect movie

This title has:

Great role models
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 15+

Great Movie!

It was a really good adaptation for the book! of course the book is way batter, but the cinematic moments in the movie were amazing! actors and actresses 10/10! There is one scene where they “make love” if you catch my drift but nothing is show and of course watching the movie and reading the book all depends on how mature your kid is- but it’s not a bad movie content wise

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Great messages
age 13+

Honest Review (Just One Spoiler Towards the End) (I have written spoiler there)

I feel that it's a good adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's book and is a beautiful movie Here are the pros and cons Pros:- 1) it's a very unique story and has a fair share of plot twists 2) it has good actors and the places have been potrayed quite well 3) It has acts of kindness and forgiveness Cons:- 1) some people might find some scenes slow and kinda boring but it does keep us entertained and interested mostly 2) It has some lovemaking (the scenes imply lovemaking ) but if ur mature enough u can handle it (not recommended if u are new to such topics) 3)It has some deaths (SPOILER) in one case a man dies in front of a train and towards the end the protagonist dies by throwing herself in front of the train. It's a great move but also sad. It's quite unique and not like a typical romance film Ps:- I wanted to give five stars but you can only watch it once since if u already know the plot it isn't fun to watch it a second time, so I left out a star (that's the way I feel but that's the only reason why I gave four stars and left out one star, not anything else)
age 13+

I honestly love this movie, if your thinking about it you should definitely watch this

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Too much sex