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Parent reviews for Anonymous

Common Sense says

Uneven drama questions Shakespeare's identity.
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Parents say

age 16+
Based on 3 reviews

Kids say

age 12+
Based on 3 reviews
Adult Written byCompass March 1, 2012

Great film, but needlessly sexual at times.

(Sexuality) As a 20 year-old man, I must admit that I found the first love/sex scene in the film, while not truly explicit, to be exceptionally gritty; there is no nudity, but the few shots of implied oral sex during the characters dialogue stood out as being far more sexual than the other 2 brief sexual scenes, almost shockingly so. The way it was presented- with the gritty, sensual lighting, the movement of the woman's head towards the mans waist, coupled with the recognizable sounds of oral sex- felt out of place, and I feel that the movie as a whole would have prospered if just those few seconds had been cut from the final film. (Other sexual content) Aside from that first scene, there is also a very brief shot of a man and a women having sex under a bed sheet, showing only the man's back, and another slightly-comedic scene in which a character is caught with a prostitute, which contains a few frames of his partially-exposed rear-end. Nothing overly explicit, but these scenes are a central aspect the the plot, and they should be noted. (Overall) Needless sexuality aside, the film is highly engaging, with powerful and complex dialogue throughout, fantastic performances by all actors, and tremendous costumes and sets. Very unique on all fronts. Due to the sexual nature of the film, as well is it's inherent complexity in both dialogue and plot, this is not a children's film in any way, and I would place it in the higher (R) end of the PG-13 spectrum. However, it's worth watching if the audience has substantial maturity.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written bystringbean February 21, 2012

Don't waste your time or money on this one!

This is a big waste of time and is hard to follow. There is also a quick glimpse of a man's butt while he is having sex with a prostitute whose breasts are barely covered. There are other scenes with lots of cleavage also.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byMichelle H. May 22, 2018

A film for storytellers and truly appreciate their full capactiy

William Shakespeare has become a symbol for genius storytellers and definitive proof that ideas outlive the human lifespan. Anonymous by Roland Emmerich and John Orloff is a spectacular argument and homage to meaningful storytelling and Shakespeare himself. This gritty tragedy full of betrayal, honor and obsession is truly a masterful summation of a what might've gone through Shakespeare's head while alive...that is if he really was the man we all thought he was. Not for the average moviegoer solely looking to enjoy "popcorn entertainment" as the layers of timelines and realities demands full attention in order to be truly appreciated. TLDR if you don't know even the littlest about Shakespeare you probably won't like it

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