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The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories

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Aqua Trash Tales

This movie is horrific (especially the animation and voice acting)! Also the little girl said “Let's get the hell out of here!“. The phrase which is NOT appropriate for kids (some parents think this is unnecessary language for a kids' movie)! Don't watch it! Edit: Oh, I forgot that my cousin is now 11 in two days ago.

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The plot is very boring and makes no sense at all. The animation is is garbage and the characters are very forgettable. Also the acting is either annoying or bland with the exception of the bad guys who actually have some really cool voices. Also the Common Sense Media review says that the muddled message is what makes this confusing, but forgets that plot hole about all the fish on the planet being gone but then one of the characters is able to catch a fish later on before all the fish are brought back.
age 8+

Aqua Tales Review: Insane cartoon with some scenes that will scare kids under 8

Woah, this movie man. It was crazy. I don’t know where to begin. The story is probably where to start. The very beginning of the movie COMPLETELY rips off Mars Needs Moms. Ok, so in Aqua Tales this kid has to eat fish for dinner, and he doesn’t want to. Then it’s apparently a wish fish that will grant whatever he wishes. He wishes that comic book aliens would come to life and steal every fish in the world as a joke. Then, it works and the aliens steal the ocean, all the fish in the world and his mom. But wait a minute, he didn’t wish for his mom o and wished for the FISH to be taken, not the ocean as well. Then later he meets a sailor who catch’s a fish in a river. But if the wish came true, why is there a fish in the ocean??? Then he has to team up with the sailor’s daughter to save his mom, and then the plot adds even more weird stuff and 2 avoid spoilers I’m gonna talk about other things about the movie. Ok, so the animation SUCKS. It looks super cheap. But the acting is even worse. The voices are either obnoxious and way to high-pitched, or the actors sound like they didn’t give a crap about the movie, the studio or the crew. But, you’ll notice I gave it to stars and not 1 star. That’s because there are enough good things about it to give it an extra star. Sometimes it can be actually funny. And other times it can be so bad it’s hysterical. And the main character eventually becomes likable. With all that said tho, the 2014 confusion fest Aqua Tales is mediocre. Is it the worst? No, I’d take it any day over Foodfight, Sir Billi, Freddy Frogface, Ivan The Incredible or Norm Of The North. But I’d much rather watch any Toy Story movie or anything with Garfield in it than this. I’d recommend to skip it unless you want to watch it 2 laugh ur head off @ how bad it is.