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Book-based Jackie Chan adventure has cursing, innuendo.
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Adult Written byjeancurz June 6, 2020

Unappreciated gem of a movie!

I can't believe I'd never heard of this film before. It's a fantastic remake of the original suitable for almost all ages. I was looking for a kid-friendly way to introduce my kids to Jackie Chan, and this far exceeded my expectations. The star-studded cameo appearances by Arnold, the Wilson brothers, and others kept things entertaining for adults. Whole cast was strong. Wish they made more films like this.

I think the violence rating is too high in the "professional" review. All of the violence in this movie is slapstick, and no one gets killed.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byMzeehaidali September 20, 2020

Wrong ratings

There's quite a bit of kissing and flirting which the commonsense ratings do not mention. Absolutely disappointing since I do not expose my kids to this but unfortunately they watched the kissing and I'm not at all happy about that ! Thanks to commonsense !!!

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byMegan S. June 25, 2017

SOOO good!!

I signed up to write reviews on Common Sense just because this movie doesn't have enough good reviews to accurately reflect its quality. We LOVED it, and I think of myself as picky. But obviously movie taste is very subjective. The female lead is one of my favorites, for children's movies-- totally charming, beautiful, a unique and captivating person of noble character in an unexpected quirky personality. Super refreshing. The whole movie is funny. There are some prolonged slap-stick scenes that I didn't love; but my 8 year old did. Overall, such a fun movie that shows many different cultures, makes you laugh, has a weird Arnold Sw. cameo, teaches empathy and courage and perseverance etc. I didn't know I could love a Jackie Chan movie, lol! He did great. Excellent choreography of fight scenes!!!
Parent Written byPlague June 10, 2010

Around the World in 80 Days

Kid friendly, and an all around good family film.

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Positive role models
Adult Written byKetch April 9, 2008

Funny, but a little crude

I took my 8 & 10 yr old kids and being a Disney movie, was a little surprised by some of the cursing in the movie, there were several "D*mn" and "H*ll" that was totally unnecessary for the movie. Had I known that there would be as much cursing as there was, I woulld have passed on the movie. Could/should have been better.
Adult Written bycfitz April 9, 2008

Must Watch This Movie

I act like a little kid I know, but this movie is just irresistable. The plot is charming with surprising little quirks in the story like the Wright Bros. Jackie Chan was his usual self and the inventor and french lady were well carved characters that sometimes brought you to frustration but other times complete awe of their insight on life. There is fighting scenes but they are often funny and involve their own little quirks too, like a picture being accidentaly painted. I loved it and I have watched it too many times to count.
Adult Written byfritzsky April 9, 2008
Adult Written byBlurbie April 9, 2008


A friend made me watch this with them and the whole time I was wishing I was somewhere else! It was soooooooooo boring! I don't know how any one can like it!