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Adult Written byShortswald March 2, 2012

Fatal Attraction

The film deals with finding the right woman. The film is strong on the torture scenes, there is a man that puts huts stuff near a woman's private parts. The climax of the film is a woman slowly torturing a man and cutting his foot. The film deals of how you shouldn't get a woman, also there is a scene of a dog killed by the evil woman. The message of the film is clear but it is truly disturbing and hard to stomach. There is also a man shown his tongue, fingers, and feet cut out. A real horror threat abut I don't think kids should see this. There is a scene of sex, but only the lady's back is shown. The first half of the film is soft, but the second half is what truly makes this film disturbing, graphic, hard-to-see film! No kids under seventeen should watch this movie.
What other families should know
Great messages
Too much violence
Too much sex
Adult Written byspiderbaby November 29, 2008


This is an amazing and frightening movie. Not for children though.
Adult Written byMartin_Canine March 16, 2015

Gruesome, gritty, filled with suspense

"Audition" has the tension and dramatic composition of a classic Hitchcock thriller. It starts off with a seemingly harmless, almost romantic plot and only quietly drops a few hints at the nightmare it'll become in the end. There's this moment in the middle when the slightly suspicious but nevertheless light hearted story turns into a hard edge thriller, and, of course, a climax. We all know this structure from beloved classics like 'Psycho', 'Notorious', 'The Birds'. The difference lies in the amount of graphic violence and sadism. "Audition" pushes the limit of what's thrilling and what's barely watchable. It has that touch of 'Misery' and 'Fatal Attraction', being about a seemingly gentle and kind woman turning suspicious and ultimately insane, but goes way beyond when it comes to its intense moments. Carefully written and far too interesting to switch it off, this Japanese thriller carefully leads us to what would be called a perverted bloodshed in a regular formularic slasher flick, but manages to fit it in so precisely that it turns into a logical consequence to the events happening before, and a real nail-biter of an ending. (SPOILERS): The violence in "Audition" is extreme. A head is cut off with a piece of wire. Body parts can be seen on the floor, throbbing around. A heavily disfigured man, who is missing those body parts, is forced to eat vomit. A dead dog is seen after being killed (the dog was seen alive in some scenes before, though it didn't play a major role). The finale is extremely graphic and lasts for very long, at least 10 minutes: a man is pierced with needles (on-screen), and gets his foot cut off by a wire (off-screen, but we hear everything with disturbing sound effects and see the torturer's and the victim's reaction). Those are the most graphic/disturbing scenes. Sex isn't as graphic as CSM points out. A topless woman is seen once, but most of the sexual content is thematic elements. It's R stuff, but a light R. Language is PG-13 level, infrequent or mild. Violence is the main issue to worry about.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Adult Written bychristian2011 September 16, 2013

Controversial & compelling Japanese horror-thriller definitely not for kids.

Audition is a Japanese psychological drama/horror film with an unnerving, dark tone and atmosphere throughout, filled with very mature themes that are not suitable for children and teens alike. It's about this television producer who's still going through the grief stages after losing his wife, and attempts to bond with his son with extracurricular activities . His job consists of him auditioning these prospective young women until he finally encounters this one beautiful ex-ballerina dressed in white - his potential wife to be. Yet her autobiographical details don't quite check out and the people in her life have a habit of disappearing. Despite the evaluation, he eventually develops a unique relationship with her, and begins to fall in love, until, one day, he goes over to her house and finds a gruesome discovery that contradicts her true self. It turns from a gentle romance into a nightmare filled with sadism, mutilation and torture. Audition is one of those reasons why Asian horror is considered to be the best, especially the work done by director James Wan. It has greatly executed scary and disturbingly intense scenes which even adults will look away in horror and disgust. The acting was very good yet surreal - giving it a more tense edge. Audition is not for the faint hearted and this is why (spoilers). The violence that occurs is extremely graphic and shocking involving sadomasochistic torture (S&M) of certain individuals performed by a sadistic murderer using very specific instruments to cruelly mutilate and slice off limbs, organs, and skin. Some scenes include a man getting his head slowly sliced off by a piano wire and a pet dog brutally killed. A man is seen horribly disfigured (fingers, feet, tongue) missing, and the woman feeds him her own vomit - extremely disturbing and sickening. For sexual content, there's heavy themes and implications of incest including explicit sexual fantasies by some man, including a short-lived romance, and some women who audition are seen stripped naked (breasts, pubic region) visible. Drugs are seen on occassion (smoking/drinking) including a nerve paralytic agent used by the killer to paralyze their victim. Audition is a well-executed horror film with plenty of disturbing psychological elements and aberrant sexual themes - not for kids in any case.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking