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Educator and Parent Written byOptimisticMom February 15, 2014


There was WAY more than sexual innuendo and wow the amount of cleavage. I guess that my family is more conservative than I thought. There is a 5 second scene that I felt was completely unneeded and inappropriate that supposedly had to do with a "soap opera," but was over the top. I would not recommend watching this with children. My husband said the best part was when "The End" flashed across the screen. If you're basing watching the video on the book you'll be disappointed in the liberties that were taken.
What other families should know
Too much sex
Adult Written byhoffmans71 February 14, 2014

Romance Doesn't Equal Hire a Stud

What good this movie had got way too lost in the first 15 minutes for me with what I guess Common Sense Media referred to as heavy flirting. The one character continually ogles male anatomy and tries to force a man to rest his head on her pushed up "pillows" sadly whatever good may have been in the rest of the movie became overshadowed by these types of behaviors.
What other families should know
Too much sex
Parent of a 11 and 14 year old Written bymariette May 25, 2014


It was just a fun movie for mother and daughters. We enjoyed it.
Parent of a 3, 8, and 10 year old Written byNellup February 5, 2014

More boring than anything for younger kids

We watched this because I wanted to watch something on a Sunday afternoon and the kids were around. It was fine. They didn't understand the Pride and Prejudice connection (though we have a board book version, so they were at least familiar with the basics!) The first half of the story was pretty slow and we were all a bit bored. The second half picks up (once the love triangle kicked in) and the 10 year old and I guessed the twist, but that added to our enjoyment. I had to explain the story to the 8 year old a couple of times and she was disappointed that her loyalties lay with the "wrong" man. Content-wise it was pretty tame, not much more than kissing, though a bit of bawdiness from the comic relief. A perfectly fine mother-daughter watch, but if you love Austen, you probably won't love this.