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Babette's Feast

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Enchanting, Engaging, and Soooo Lovely! Bon Apetit!

When I first saw this movie years ago when I was just 30 years old I thought....Oh my! I came across a gem of a movie indeed and cannot wait to tell my friends about it. The love story is amazing but the most fantastic part is when we partake in an exquisite dinner whereby so much is revealed and so much is cherished! The dinner scene was the most intoxicating moment of the whole movie...hence the love affair. This is by far my favorite movie of all time. It's now Oct 18th, 2020 and I decided to watch this movie with a dear friend who never saw it before. He will be enchanted as I was. It has beauty and grace and also brings us to the question of enjoying the most refined food with friends who enjoy not only the food but the reason for enjoying it!
age 12+

Excellent way to show kids how to do things for others

Babette's feast will leave you with so much to talk about, from religious beliefs to eating habits around the world, The sisters take Babette as a maid and cook and in return Babette cooks a feast that bring the best out of each guest. The movie might seem boring and plain but as the feast unfold so does the story. There is some very mild drinking and smoking.

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Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
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age 8+

Not inappropriate for children, but unlikely to appeal to them

I love this movie. Why I love it is difficult to explain. It's much more than just a movie about a big dinner where everyone discovers the joys of eating. It's a movie about relationships, where things that are said have little meaning, but things that are not said speak volumes. People's facial expressions, gestures and microsignals convey a depth of emotion that cannot be fully understood in one, or even two or three viewings. I wouldn't stop any children from watching it, but they most likely won't understand it and will sleep through most of it. It has some cigar-smoking (by the military officer) and some alcohol use (a lot during the dinner).

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Great messages