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Ron Howard popcorn-muncher is sappy, not smokin'.
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Teen, 13 years old Written byskullripper September 30, 2019

best movie

I think it was a great movie they did not say many f bombs only like 4 and that was it backdraft two had way more f bombs that what people may have watched if they watched it on netflix and that is it there was on scene were brian and his friend were in the shower but they only showed there but and there was a sex scene but know nudity i think its a great movie i watched when i was in preschool i mean its a firefighter movie theres going to be violence like really.
Teen, 15 years old Written bysdr789 July 1, 2014
Backdraft ended up being less inappropriate than I thought. I really liked all of the action scenes in this movie, and the entire storyline. The only major factor that makes this iffy is the use of bad language. I would have rated this movie PG-13. There really is no violence, except that we see two dead bodies, which look unrealistic, but may disturb younger viewers. Also, there are a lot of scenes with drinking and smoking, but hey, they're firemen that are stressed out! There is only one nude scene when it shows two firemen's buttox as they take a shower (not meant to be sexual), and the only sexual content is when a couple make love, but there is no nudity. Also for that scene, it goes back and forth to them, and firefighters fighting fire. I really liked how the two brothers in this movie continue their father's legacy by becoming firefighters. In all, this movie is great, and I recommend it for high school teens!

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Teen, 17 years old Written bydavyborn February 20, 2012

Dated and unrealistic. Older teens+ only

Ron Howard classic 1991 blockbuster, Backdraft, is not nearly as good as I remembered it to be when I first originally saw it. Sure, the special effects surprisingly still sort of hold up for what they are, but there are more flaws in this movie than I can count or list, but "sigh", I guess i might as well try and give it a try. Now, the difference between this film and the much underrated 2004 firefighter film Ladder 49, is that when Backdraft is piling on the special effects, explosions and spectacle, Ladder 49 is putting family, heart and soul first, making us learn about the characters and making us feel for them. When Ladder 49 attempts to realistically do firefighters jobs justice and actually depict the struggles and hardships that they have to go through, in order to keep us safe, Backdraft gives us some sappy and poorly written family drama that never really reaches fruition. But, the one thing that Backdraft actually does better than Ladder 49, is that when Ladder 49 is somber, depressing and sad, Backdraft is happy, upbeat and high on fun. Now, that is not what you would exactly expect from a firefighting movie, but Ron Howard, the special effects wizard at ILM, Kurt Russel, David Baldwin, Robert De Niro and Donald Sutherland make it work, and considering that the movie even manages to have such an impressive cast like that is already a plus on this movies side. So, with the R rating in hand, the content is pretty much as follows: there is frequent sequences of intense fire fighter rescue missions, with a few people being set on fire, burned to death and even a few rather grisly images of dead burnt bodies lying on tables in morgues. Also, there is infrequent but explicit sexual content, with one graphic but interrupted sex scene and a brief shower scene depicting the bare backs and buttocks of two naked fire fighters. Also, there is frequent alcohol use and consumption, and not to mention frequent smoking as well. And, finally, there is frequent strong profanity throughout the movie as well, with many uses each of f--k, sh-t, a--h-le, g-dd-mn, b-llsh-t and more. So, if you expect powerful performances, heart and great filmaking like Ladder 49, than don't bother. But, if you expect some pretty awesome special effects, a great cast and some very-well done action sequences, than you will get exactly that.

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Kid, 10 years old August 15, 2011



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Violence & scariness