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Backyard Wilderness

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Nature Appreciation

Light on the science, but rather poetic 43 minutes about the beauty and cycles of nature outside (and inside in the case of the mouse and the people) a house in upstate New York. I paraphrase, "There are no victims in nature. . . Only predators and prey." as we see coyotes about to give chase to a flock of dear. Other stunning visuals (their are countless) include for example the flight of a bluejay, newborn ducklings leaping out of a tall tree before they can even fly, great mouse-eye view of the inner house travels of mice, time lapse of ferns pushing up through the soil and uncoiling, and salamanders crossing a country road to mate in a vernal pool (you'll learn what that is if you see the movie.) My four year old loved the first half, but got restless by the second half. My 6 year, my wife and I enjoyed the whole thingI We only saw the 2D version, but it almost seemed 3-D anyway.

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Must see for all ages!

Beautiful depiction of what we can see right outside our windows if we just take the time to really look!

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