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Parent reviews for Bad Milo

Common Sense says

Horror-comedy is really gross but not very scary or funny.
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Parents say

age 15+
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Kids say

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Adult Written bywonder dove October 15, 2013

Very decent horror/comedy flick!

I watched Bad Milo not really knowing what to expect, but because of good online reviews I gave it a go. I thought it was pretty well done for a comedy/horror. Very silly and often disturbing! Yes it was funny, it was not very scary but definitely gory! One thing is for sure, Milo is so adorable! It's about a man named Duncan (Ken Marino) who is having a hard time at work including his presentation being erased from his hard drive and his retirement fund disappears which also upsets his wife, Sarah (Gillian Jacobs). But Duncan is having stomach issues and one night while on the toilet, Duncan gives "birth" to a creature that comes out of his butt (nothing graphic shown). That creature is called Milo. Milo has bad tendencies to hurt and kill those that Duncan does not like, which upsets Duncan because he is a good man and has no intentions of hurting anyone. Scared and frustrated, Duncan turns to a hypnotherapist (Peter Stormare) for help but with no guaranteed results. It is not a serious movie, it's only mindless fun to kill time with. Language is strong throughout with f-words, sh*t, b*tch @ss and much more. Violence is very strong and disturbing with the main point being that Milo comes out of Duncan's butt and also goes back in when he's done killing - it is followed by noises of pain and farting sounds. Milo kills several characters with lots of blood and gore. Milo bites off a mans penis which is shown for about 6 seconds. Though when Milo isn't killing, he's as cute as can be. Sexual content isn't too bad but includes a man going down on a woman in an alley, she moans but nothing is shown. He later masturbates when she refuses to return the favor (not graphic). Sexual innuendo between a couple at a dinner table. Pack of condoms are shown. Married couples kiss. No drinking but an old man is said to be a pothead and you see him smoking in one scene (hard to tell, I thought it was a cigarette at first!) Some will think it's stupid, some will think it's hilarious. You be the judge. Safe for 16++!!

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff