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Dark, violent crime movie has some inspired moments.
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Adult Written byStephen Shaw August 6, 2019

Just try to do a period picture better!.

I missed the fact that Rosie Murdered the Pediatrition and his wife the first viewing. I suspect that Billy Lee got her Preg. after the " Tussle" . Rosie...being a sycophant...saw 2 things: A: hide the truth B: Steal some money. This is a very layered movie and deserves multiple viewings. Better than Pulp Fiction in my opinion. I love Pulp Fiction. S. Shaw.
Adult Written byCastelluccio101 May 17, 2019

The Best Film Of 2018

I see countless films ever year and I consider myself a pretty series film critic, and I’ve gotta say not much impresses me that comes out these days. This film though, this film is something special. The directing and acting is near perfect, it manages to be extremely thrilling, and the characters are a great example of the human experience. They’ve all made mistakes, some worse than others, but they want to do better, each in their own way, and it makes characters that you think you wouldn’t connect with ones that you care about and connect with like crazy. The form of storytelling this film uses flashbacks is a stroke of genius and makes for an extremely intriguing and intense experience. I can’t recommend this film enough. It’s truly the best of 2018 and one of the best of the decade. And In terms of how appropriate it is, I’d say that anyone 15 or older could handle it just fine. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it! I’ve showed the film to so many of my friends and they were all just as impressed as I was! One last note: it’s a great film to rewatch! You always notice something that you didn’t notice the last time!

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byWorldsStrictestMoM October 12, 2018

Underwhelming For An R-rating, But Worth The Watch!

I went in expecting a lot, but getting something else completely different, but that something else was exceptional.

I loved the soundtrack and the actors/actresses that played in it as well.

The violence and sexual content was that of a PG-13 movie, the only thing to worry about when you think, "Should my kid watch this?" are the words spoken. Sure there is cursing that you could hear in a public school, but the descriptions they used got graphic... nothing too too bad, but still graphic. I would not have any troubles allowing my kids to watch this because so much of the content would very easily fly right over their heads.

The movie's colour palette was interesting - vintage, the cinematography was good, the acting was good... it was all around an 'okay' movie that makes for a fun Friday night out.

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Adult Written byLAbeast March 22, 2020



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Positive role models
Adult Written byMataeka March 8, 2020
Adult Written byJosh R. August 18, 2019

Amazingly made movie

Watch It! There was a lot of violence but it wasn't too much violence.
Adult Written byslasher23 January 30, 2019

Not too much bad

Bloody violence and strong language...brief nudity and some smoking

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Violence & scariness
Parent of a 9 and 12-year-old Written byMichael T. January 23, 2019

Nothing for kids

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byStardomReviews January 19, 2019

Violent, Thrilling, and Upredictable movie

This movie was a highly thrilling movie that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. The leading actors are all fantastic at portraying their characters. While some things are never explained the movie continues in a very interesting way. It has a very Tarintino way of story telling violence wise. Highly recommended for kids that can take heavy violence.
Adult Written bybogdan34u January 13, 2019
Adult Written byNeon 99 January 5, 2019

A good thriller bogged down by it's own premise

Bad times at the el royale is quite an effective thriller as a talented diverse cast pushes the films intricate plot forward along with being a showcase of some amazing cinematography but the films own gimmick bogs it down. The thing they did with the flashback things felt unessecary and excessive as the film would progress more naturally and not feel a tad overlong. Overall bad times at the el royale is a solid enough thriller for highschoolers and up
Adult Written byBagina October 23, 2018

It was a bust from the get go!

This movie was a big disapointment, the acting and the plot was terrible . Dont waste your money .It made no sense !
Adult Written byRJS70 October 18, 2018

Grade: B-

This title contains:

Violence & scariness