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Adult Written byRed_Wolf April 9, 2008

Balto - Turely a magical film!

Based on a true American legend, the story takes place in 1925 in a small, snow-covered town of Nome, Alaska. There lives an animal by the name of Balto. He is part wolf, part dog. He lives as a tramp and a loner. One day, the community started to break out with a certain sickness. Quick action had be taken now in order to obtain the special medicine needed to cure it - but the nearest provider was over 650 miles away. The only way to retrieve the medicine across the frozen, harsh terrain was to set out on a dog-sled team. This would be no easy task. They need to find the best dogs for the mission. Even if they do, they have to face the most severe threats of the Alaskan plains. Time is of esence. Determinded to get the medication, Balto, along with is friends, set out on a dangerous adventure that would be mean the difference between life or death. Moral content: The story comes together as one big quest, won over with courage, perseverance, and love. I believe the main character, Balto, is an ideal figure on how a hero should be. He is humble in his ways and strives to do what is good, dispite his downcast (and somewhat hated) reputation by the town. His friends, though few, are loyal to him and stay by his side. Violence: Very brief; Balto is grabbed and thrown at a jagged wall of rocks, which leaves him passed out momentarily. Steel falls off a steep cliff and is banged along rocks and debris on his way down. Sexaul content: None. Though, it's a little intimate when Jenna lays herself over Balto to warm him up.Language: Mild threats; Steel tells Balto that he'll turn him into a "cat toy" and that he'll "tear him apart". Summary: This has to be one of the best animated films I've ever seen. Unforgetable characters, lessons of bravery, humility, and endurance, a beautiful musical soundtrack, and the quest to save others. It didn't score high at the box office, but it has scored high with many Christian and morally oriented families, and it will continue live and pass down as a beloved, classic Universal Studios films. Balto gets my two paws... eh, two thumbs up!
Adult Written bydpsg January 9, 2010
It's a feel good movie in the end. I got it based on the write-up here that did not mention how much tension there is. There are some scary parts (for even my sensitive 6 year old boy)...some frightening scenes with a mean bully antagonist dog (Steele), a very scary grizzly bear encounter and the general sad and suspenseful theme that the children are about to die if the dogs don't bring back the needed anti-toxin. It was a happy, feel good ending and a sweet story - obviously embellished from reality to make it into an exciting kid movie...but could spark an interest in learning more about the real Balto and the Iditarod. I felt that there was a fair amount of focus on romance and the girl dogs trying to win Steele's attention and Steele and Balto kind of vying for another dog's love...but it wasn't a huge deal. Only mildly stereotypical at times. I just don't see the need for it personally. My 3 year old who is sensitive and hasn't seen many movies loved it in the end and just covered her eyes a few times so I think it's fine for 3 and up but probably best for 4 or 5 and up if your kids are really sensitive to scary stuff.
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Parent of a 6 and 6 year old Written byjagness April 9, 2008

More to life than ABC's

Lots of "edutainment" videos teach letters, numbers, colors, etc.; but for complex social issues there are not many sources. If you want your children to grasp honor, duty, self-sacrifice, humility, dedication (I could go on. . .) Balto is one of the best sources out there. Balto is based on a true story, so the example he sets is tangible and teachable. I plan to take my soon-to-be 5 year old twin boys to the Cleveland Museum where Balto's history is kept alive. Hopefully this will spark an early interest in doing "research"! Best of all, adults can watch Balto without being bored so it truly is a family film.
Parent of a 5 and 9 year old Written bykaloren June 12, 2011

Great family adventure

This is a great movie about helping others and courage. Yet, it can get really scary with dogs figting and coffins that are kid sized. Be sure your kids are ready for the intenses scenes first.
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Adult Written byAshnak April 9, 2008

Great Hero Movie

A movie for the whole family.
Parent of a 12 year old Written bystaton casinos February 26, 2011

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