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Parent of a 5, 7, and 9 year old Written byzhi April 13, 2011

I'm very disappointed! Direct and subtle themes are not very ideal for kids!

I'm very disappointed with this movie. If I have my own kids, I don't think I would want them to see it. It has very little substance to it and is more centered on fashion (make-up, dresses, skimpy and tight clothes (subtle message on dressing sexy and provocatively) stylish shoes, matching belt, etc.) and unnecessary spending. A person's character is far more important than how someone looks. It is so ironic that the fairy whom they said was wise created fairy transport portals to take her to her favorite shopping spots when she just "can't wait" to buy something. This is the current state of most people in North America (women in general) - spending, spending, spending, living on credit cards and debt. The movie has too much immediate gratification mentality - getting what they want when they want it at whatever cause (unnecessary shopping, flirting with someone else's bf, manipulation, forcing someone to marriage, the list goes on and on. We are molding our kids to grow up to be kids and immature. No wonder our society is in shambles because the grownups who are supposed to be our role models are acting like kids and NOT responsible adults. Not to mention that there's a misplaced role between women and men. I can see that the movie depicted well the sad reality between gender roles. How many times do we see in our own households mothers taking the role of the fathers at home? In most cases, mothers have one more child than they asked for. Why? Because men are becoming more and more passive and it drives the women wild. And this movie is encouraging that (Ken playing the damsel in distress; the guy folded when the princess raised her voice and threatened to unleash her fury at him if he doesn’t shut up; etc.) This is the kind of mentality we are passing on to the next generation. I have nothing against women who can stand on her own two feet, but ladies, we have our own role to play already, let’s not take the men’s as well. Although they tried to address some negative issues in the end and tried to sprinkle values like friendship, forgiveness, communication and love, there are really no real consequences pertaining to the negative behaviour of the characters in the film. And again, this is exactly how we are now functioning at home nowadays. If kids will not be given real consequences for their actions, they will come back again and again to whatever they were doing wrong until they hit the wall. Boundaries are essential to develop one’s character and when they are crossed there should be serious consequences. When the princess found out that Crystal tricked her into marrying Ken so Crystal can scheme her way to have her bf she was secretly and desperately in love with, she was asked to clean up after the wedding reception as a punishment. How lame is that? This is supposedly a movie for kids. Let’s make some that is suited for them with morals and values they can imitate and live by – not some crappy movie enticing kids to just look pretty outside but rotten within.
Parent Written bymcpjess7503 January 10, 2012

Good but there are better Barbie movies

I like the message about forgiveness between the 2 girls, and how sometimes we just misunderstand each other, and don't let the misunderstanding get too out of hand. I'm not always crazy about the boyfriend/girlfriend themes in some of the Barbie movies because I don't want my daughter to get wrapped up in that at 7. But I'm very impressed with most of the Barbie movies, it's hard to not like them. Not as good as some others, but still cute.
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Parent Written byLikaLaruku September 17, 2011

Not the worst Barbie movie.

This is absolute drivel on the level of Twilight. Preteens do not need to know about romance. You can safely let your kid watch this all by herself, as she is too young to understand why Barbie is a terrible influence on older girls, because this is absolute torture to sit through as an adult.
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Too much consumerism
Parent of a 6, 7, and 9 year old Written byalirose1116 April 6, 2011

overall a good movie

at the end of the movie it talks a great deal about friendship and how to use your words( communiction skills) to find out why someone is not nice to you or why a friendship has fallen out.
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Parent Written bymarylinkate January 11, 2016

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Parent Written bykatadams55 January 2, 2012

Not Bad At All (But Could Stand to Be More Appropriate)

Before anything, I'd like to tell you that I love Barbie as a collectable. I hope to display all the dolls from my childhood in my home when I grow up. I also own quite a few of the movies, but I had pretty negative feelings for this movie from the start because of what Common Sense said in their review, and I was kinda right, kinda wrong. Story: The story is about Barbie (of course) who has to rescue Ken from the fairy city of Gloss Angeles (two thumbs up on that pun). Accompanied by arch-nemesis Raquelle, and stylists Carrie and Taylor (who just happen to be fairies) they must save Ken from marrying Princess Graciella and having to stay in Gloss Angeles for all time. Bad stuff: There are a few girls in skimpy clothes, a few suggestive poses, and some slightly violent moments, but that's not the worst (I don't think consumerism is a big deal as long as we know we don't have to have this product because it's in a movie). I may have misheard this, but I'm pretty sure there was taking God's name in vain. The absolute worst thing in this movie is the witchcraft. It's not that bad, but it's STILL there. The Positive stuff: There is a very positive message about forgiveness, and it's shown that marriage is a serious choice, and you really need to think about it. Conclusion: This movie is better than I thought, but not great either, I'm going to say rent this one for older kids Overall rating Iffy for ages 9-12 and 7.5/10
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Too much sex
Adult Written byBeckstar October 29, 2011


I would not let my kids watch this. It's shameful what they have done to the Barbie films. Stick the classics! Do not watch these latest ones. They are bad examples to children. I think so anyway. Let your little girl watch the fairy tale and musical ones, such as 'Swan Lake' 'The Nutcracker' 'The Island Princess'! The graphics have also changed a lot and Barbie looks different and even has a new voice actress. It was hard for me to watch as I was brought up with the films!