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Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2

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age 6+

Exactly what we’re trying to move our girls AWAY from

Mean girls, poor sportsmanship, nothing but bikinis, blondes and light skinned girls are prominent but darker skin and hair take a back seat. There’s a positive lesson buried under all of this but there are plenty of other options that do a better job.
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age 7+

Cute movie

My nanny kids (6, 9, 11) and my toddler loved the movie. Some scenes may be a bit scary for younger kids but those scenes are pretty comparable to the Little Mermaid - maybe even less scary than Ursula. It’s a movie about where the main characters are mermaids and surfers, so obviously the characters will be wearing bikinis/swimwear-like outfits so I don’t find it “inappropriate” as others mention.
age 5+

Pure product placement

Product placement and bad role model for girls.

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Too much consumerism