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Teen, 14 years old Written byGURLLLLLLLLL March 10, 2013


It copied the movie Narnia,it had an evil ice queen and they went into a weird magical land with weird creatures and a castle just like Narnia did!
Kid, 11 years old July 30, 2014

Newest Barbie Movie Has Ups and Downs...But Mostly Downs

In this movie Barbie plays the girl who everyone loves, who always steals the spotlight, and always ends up in a glamorous pink dress. I was disappointed to see that she was always the center of attention even with her egotistical dream-girl attitude and found myself favoring her friend Haley, the lesser character who was loyal to her friend, possessed a spunky, confident attitude, and got stolen by the main antagonist while her best friend Kristyn was too absorbed flirting with yet another "prince charming" to notice the one she should have been valuing above all else had been kidnapped. And at the end, when Kristyn was supposed to be a milkmaid (as noted at the beginning of the film) she strutted onto the stage sporting a seductive purple dress caked with five pounds of sparkle. I was literally slapping myself in the face. As she got farther into the dance, the music changed to a sickly sweet pop song melody and in a shower of glitter her dress "magically" transforms into a scintillating pink tutu and her hair somehow comes loose to hang down in an overdone mass of golden curls topped with a plastic-looking tiara. Background dancers come and dance behind her and a spotlight falls on Kristyn. The result? Instead of being fired from the dance company, everything goes right for the lead girl. Her actions lead her to get noticed and she goes on to star in a ballet based all around her. I was repeating one word over and over in my head: "What?" One thing I did enjoy was the animation. Finally the people didn't look freakingly like the manufactured dolls they were based off of. If I was the one doing the full review, I would give this movie violence=2, sex=3, consumerism=4, great role models=1 (for Haley), and great messages=1
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Too much violence
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Too much consumerism
Kid, 9 years old March 5, 2014

Good for any age.

It's good for any age that I think it could be 100% right.
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