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Adult Written byTending Bloom April 9, 2008

Don't bother.

So many things distrubed me about this movie. The young boy (maybe 12 years old) constantly on the make for sexual favors from older women not to mention his language, the treatment of the Black and White issue(I beleive this was done to make a point but if it had been done by anyone else the whole world would have been up in arms over it), the payback handled in a renegade style instead of by the police. Like I said, don't bother.
Adult Written byLowe's man March 5, 2014

good with some isolated problem areas

Language should be a concern for parents of children 13 or younger, especially with the way one boy talks about women and certain body parts. Having said that, this movie does have a couple strong points, including strong, independent women who start their own business who eventually find out what their old boss was really up to. And, after a slow start, their new business ultimately succeeds. It sends the message that there comes a point where you need to leave your job if you're in a hostile work environment.