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Not Bad, But The Book Was Better

I read the book version of this with my mom and fell in love with Nick Flynn's lyrical writing style and captivating story. When I found out a film was made of the book, I was super excited, but I was a little unsure because going to see a movie adaptation of your favorite book can be a gamble. My parents and I saw this movie today. First of all, I thought the casting choices were excellent. Robert De Niro in particular was perfect for the roll of Jonathan Flynn. I was a little disappointed because several parts of the book were cut in the movie version (his summers spent in Provincetown MA, a lot of his parents' backstory, etc.) Also some of the characters were changed around (Emily became a significantly different character named Denise, Nick Flynn's brother was cut, etc.) I was happy that Ivan and Richard were included, and not changed very much from the book. I was surprised to see a few sex scenes (partial nudity, not too bad, but still) in this movie, because from what I recall there was only one chapter that was even sexual, and it only mentioned "feeling each other's bodies in the darkness."The book goes into more detail and is more in order than the movie. I say this is worth a watch, especially if you're a fan of the book. Kinda iffy for fourteen and under (I am fourteen, despite the fact that my profile reads 17). It's good for mature teens and adults.

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