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It really is incredible how the 2016 incarnation redeemed itself

After the 3rd and 4th season of this reboot were some of the best seasons in all of Ben 10 we get this movie. Fantastic intro with silky smooth animation, adds on to Kevin's redemption, with it being more than than 1 episode of him going 'hey, that Gwen chick is kinda hot', adds in way more alien races, with many from the original franchise for classic fans to enjoy, hints at alien X, and uses it's longer runtime to tell a significantly more complex story than 11 minutes of comedy with a quick mediocre action scene can. Speaking of which the action scenes are subpar by Ben 10 standards, but it's excusable seeing as the reboot is more of a comedy and never really had good action scenes. Overall it's one of my favourite pieces of media in this franchise, though I do prefer Ultimate Kevin and Save The Last Dance.

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Too much consumerism
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This title has:

Too much consumerism