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Benji Off The Leash

I didn’t like how animals were treated in this movie, there are some fun parts I enjoyed as a kid, but I didn’t like how the stepfather abused the animals, the boy, and his mother. The movie would be better without the stepfather.

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Too much violence
age 7+
A cute film, but it depicts abuse to animals and people. There is little to offend here. But remain cautious with younger kids.
not rated for age

Watch out for this one.

I was extremely disappointed at the theme's of this movie. Domestic violence, animal abuse and a police involvement. You must be kidding. My child was afraid for the dogs, the boy and the mom. He like the slapstick of the dog catchers but in my opinion that was marginal at best. This is not a family movie.
not rated for age

Always been a Benji fan

I aways been a Benji fan so I really enjoyed this movie. Some people may take issue with the abuse of the mother and son and the mistreatment of the dogs in the movie. so I would say this would be great for older kids
not rated for age


This "kids" movie is very dark. The trained dogs are a delight to watch; however, the co-dependent mother and the violent stepdad are tragic characters and not the kind you would see in a "G" movie...their story reminds me of the scene in "Natural Born Killers" where Rodney Dangerfield is a child molesting stepdad who abuses his wife all to a laugh track...fairly sinster stuff. Joe Camp has a great concept as the dogs truly stand out in a cinematic world dominated by CGI...but he needs to bring in a different writer for his next work.