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Taken In

My 9 year old grandson was so taken by this movie he didn't hear one word we said to him. About mid way he told me he felt the mom was sick and she died and the boy didn't understand. He loved the music. Him and I agreed it was a bit confusing but he never lost interest.

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Let’s make some money off of Evan from EvanTube

Beyond Beyond was originally a Scandinavian animated feature that was re-dubbed for the U.S. market. It is a disjointed, confused tale about a bunny whose mother got sick and died within the first ten minutes of the film (Disney much?) The rest of the movie is his quest to get her back. It’s confusing, not only because of the sea/city/creature mishmash, but also the mix of dead and alive characters. If you are concerned about the depiction of heaven in “Coco,” stay far away from this one. The excitingly named character “Bill” strangely enters the story, leaves the protagonist for dead, and his dialogue is less well written than the dogs from “Up.” We watched it because, of course EvanTube. Have something else to do while your kid is watching, and then be prepared to answer questions about death and nightmares. Maybe it made more sense in Swedish.