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A glorious movie

A near-perect movie for any bionicle fan. The secondary villain (the sidorak queen) might make some children uncomfortable. The plot of the movie is easy to follow and I have watched the movie 23 times. If your child has arachnaphobia then I reccomend skipping over the final battle scene in a larger arena.

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My Favourite of the Trilogy, Though A Bit Darker at Times

BIONICLE 3: Web of Shadows takes place after the climax but before the credits of the second movie (Yeah, I know...) and follows the Toa Metru being captured and transformed into monstrous versions of themselves. This is a BIONICLE movie, so there's a lot of jargon, and it can be hard for younger audiences to follow along, especially if they aren't paying attention to who is who and what means what. I saw it when I was five and I understood it fine, but I was familiar with the characters and setting beforehand. I was also pretty spooked at times - this one is darker than any BIONICLE movies that came before or after, featuring an occasional jumpscare or two, the Visorak Horde(a bunch of giant spiders) and, I'm doing my best not to spoil it here, very dark and uncharacteristic actions from Vakama (Though he was under the influence of the venom that transformed him). If you have very young or easily frightened kids, you might want to skip this one, but if you think they can take it, rest assured that this is the highest quality entry in the series, in my opinion. There are a few positive messages about teamwork scattered throughout, and unity is a large plot point, the heroes can't save the day without one another. The action is between bio-mechanical beings instead of humans, and should be easy to distinguish from reality, but there is a decent amount of it. The movie exists to sell toys, but they've been cancelled twice, and modern children might not even know they exist, so I don't think consumerism is a huge concern here. To conclude, a pretty strong kids movie, especially if your family was into the first two. I ate it right up as a kid, and I still enjoy it today.
age 7+

The best film related with Lego, along with Bionicle 2 and The Lego Movie.

A dark storyline than 1 and 4 and sinister villains suit Bionicle fans perfectly. If you have read my review of 4, you will notice that Bionicle's fans are now mostly teens and young adults, and that this isn't far from what they might watch. A great film, I just wish 2006/2007 had their own films! :)

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Too much violence