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My children (3 &7) and I enjoyed this movie. Although the animation could have been better, the acting was good and the movie was still entertaining. Adults could find a deeper meaning to the story than children. I think the lesson taught in the story was definitely over my kids heads. The story is about a bunch of birds that live in a society that tells them what they must do in order to live happy and peacefully. One bird decides she is unhappy with the way things are. A wise bat takes her, along with some other birds on a journey to find a better place.
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It's a spiritual rabbit hole perspective.

I had to watch birds like us twice to understand it. The first time i watched it with an expectation of entertainment and simple distraction. The second time I turned off the expectations and tuned into it with an "Alice in Wonderland" perspective. Thats when it made since. Take into consideration that in order to understand the message that is in the script you have to get the message that is not in the script (said the caterpillar). Definitely a movie for being "woke", no matter what the age. (possible spoiler alert) They go from the only way of life they have ever known to wanting something more than what they are accustomed to. Then through mild "mishaps" they end up on a journey that ultimately leads them to the same place they started but with a much broader perspective. They're birds that "forgot" how to fly due to societal circumstances and see everything unknown as danger or "horror". When they "remember" how to fly, they rise above all "horror" and therefore have no reason to fear it anymore thus changing the way of life (presumably).

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97 is a number

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False advertising

This is not a SpongeBob movie
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Myself and my two grandkids ages 10 and 13 didn't like the movie. It was confusing, just couldn't get in to it and understand it. my opinion is the movie isn't worth the time nor money spent on it.
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A mystery with very little else to offer

This movie has been present in many content aggregator websites as early as 2018 with all star voice acting casts, noted as being in the Saragoza Film Festival and getting rave reviews from critics in said event. One must wonder in what scale this movie is telling the truth, from the very first 15 minutes you can tell the experience is worth very little else other than this mystery
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Good movie if your high on PCP? REDBOX CLICK BAIT

The movie is nuts. it couldn't even keep my boys entertained. It stupid, no real plot. Its like some 20 YO kid made this on his PC on summer break. Similar to a weird dream. Its just jumps from one scene to the other with no real reason.