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Inventive interactive movie has violence, drugs, language.
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Kid, 12 years old December 31, 2018

Odd, intriguing sci-fi drama is dark, confusing and twisted.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a very odd, unique movie experience that follows a teen boy named Stefan who begins working for a major video game producer, who he promises that he will create an incredible game for him called Bandersnatch, but soon, things become a lot more strange and complicated. The unique aspect of the movie is that the audience can make decisions for the main character, such as what music he listens to or what he does with his medication, and much more. I think that's a very interesting idea, but in my opinion, it dragged out the movie quite a bit and was very stressful. The audience also can't go back and change the decisions that they make, which can be a bit frustrating. The movie/episode was a very cool experiment, but I don't think that future episodes should be made in the same way. Fionn Whitehead is very good as the main character, and Will Poulter is also a major standout. There are a few action sequences which are entertaining, a few of the plot twists are shocking, and the storyline is very compelling, which is a shame because a majority of the episode is slow and lacks an easy-to-understand plot. There is some strong, disturbing violence: a character commits suicide via jumping from a height with lots of blood shown, a character kills two others via bashing on the head, and characters fight and kick each other. Violence depends on the decisions that the audience makes, so it can be non-graphic but it can also be somewhat horrific. There's no sexual content of any kind, but there's lots of strong language including "f--k," and "s--t," as well as plenty of drug use and smoking. In the end, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is a tense, odd, confusing, frustrating, and exciting movie event that is one of the tamer "episodes" of Black Mirrors, so mature tweens can enjoy it. The scene of suicide is very disturbing and may trigger viewers of any age.
Teen, 13 years old Written byMr. Horror January 8, 2019

Umm.. ok.

This is Netflix’s first pick your own adventure live action movie and it’s alright. I had fun with it. Now no matter what route you pick you will get an F word and others. Certain paths though include graphic images like a cut off head. It get’s weird.

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Violence & scariness
Teen, 17 years old Written bySushiCat January 7, 2019

Please read this review.

5 stars, more like 4.5 though. Strong writing, depends on your opinion. Hello, I'd say, a lot of people underestimate kids/tweens ability to handle strong themes, so, maybe 13+, PG13 is a fair rating, but a lot of kids/tweens are actually very mature. This story has many different paths and endings, and in some endings, there is murder/blood/intensity but if you've watched Black Mirror before, you should be prepared. No inappropriate things, mainly just violence/language and drugs too, if you follow Colin for one choice. It depicts how the character felt after taking the drug. There is a monster sometimes, depending on the choices you choose, and there is one part where Stefan murders his father, and that's bloody, and in one path, he chops up his father's body, but it doesn't show the chopping, but later shows his father's decapitated head and yes , I know that sounds bad, but it's really not as bad as you think.