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Intensely scary, but lame story, shallow characters.
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Adult Written byJosh G. December 7, 2017

Amazing horror movie, deserves more recognition

This was a really good movie, but was underrated by critics and not praised very highly, the movie was well made, brilliant cast and good directing. It should be fine for a mature 10 yr old
Adult Written byMovie L. December 7, 2017

Not even scary

People who think this is scary are completely crazy
Parent of a 16-year-old Written byJWilliams303 September 17, 2016

Being a fan of The Blair Witch Project...I liked it

If you liked The Blair Witch Project, then you may like this one. If not, then why are you even bothering seeing it in the first place? Anyways, I found the movie to be a little better than most found footage movies that have been out (because apparently found footage movies will never die out). That said it does do the movie justice by making it to where we have the same concept like the first film did and making it to where fans of the first film will appreciate that they kept the concept of what made the first film scary. Yes is does have annoying loud noises (false jumpscares that AREN'T scary) and maybe a plot line that's a little too similar at points, but most of the plot and the characters themselves kept me interested in the film, especially the last 25-30 minutes of the film. If you're looking for a good horror movie that will give you nightmares, then yes this one may not be that kind of film, but it's still one to at least give a shot if you liked the first film...after all, Blair Witch Project did help make found footage movies a popular genre for horror (like it or not).

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byStephanie J. September 27, 2016

Horrible movie

Hands down the most boring movie ever to be made for horror. People do not waste your time and money on this crap. Very disappointed. They make the trailer to be made out so scary so it would be interesting but it's not. Do not let it fool you. Terrible terrible movie.
Adult Written bymilysmok August 2, 2020
Adult Written bylilmiss68 October 4, 2019

Stupid, predictable and corny, and gave me a good laugh.

This is one of the stupidest horror movies out there!
I hate that it even carries the Blair Witch name.
The scenario is just like any teen horror movie, and predictable as hell. Instead of being scared, I laughed nearly the entire movie, for it's predictably, and it's cheesiness.
The ending was totally expected, the flying tent scene had me cracking up, the crackling leg scenes, and stupidity of all the characters, gave me the best laughs I've had in a long time. Can't anyone write and direct a really scary, but not gory suspenseful horror movie like the original Blair Witch Project?
Instead of it being a horror film, it should have been labeled comedy, like Scary Movie.
I'll just pretend it isn't a sequel to The Blair Witch Project, which will always be my favorite horror film, and one I watch every October, and never tire of.
If only someone would make another like it, instead of the same ole, same ole.
Adult Written byAnonymos June 27, 2019
Adult Written bycjlewis97 January 1, 2019
Adult Written byRarityfan October 14, 2018

Forgettable sequel

More serious than the second Blair Witch Project movie, but so forgettable. Just a movie to make a boring Weekend pass.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byETHANGaming March 31, 2018

Acctualy just alright not bad , alright

This movie wasen't acctualy that bad I like it i hated the blair witch progect buthe this was alright, fine , just fine I mean in this we acctualy see stuff like at the beginning there watching footage found in the woods and you see a bit of the blair witches face also at the end you see a tall thin looking figure it acctualy creeped me out this movie it's alot more disturbing than the original so yeah this movie isn't bad or terrible it's just ok there's no gore or anything just some frightening disturbing scenes and abit of violence NOT gore it's mild violence tho there was alot more less swearing than the original
Parent of a 6 and 11-year-old Written byKeegs M October 12, 2016

Sucked Into A Nightmare; Absolutely Terrifying!

Blair Witch is one of the scariest, no lie, scariest movies I've seen. There was much more happening in this one that the original Blair Witch Project. The storyline follows the basic format of its past film; teens move into the woods to search for the Blair Witch. You definitely need to understand at least the gist of the original to follow this one. One note is there was A LOT of violence and often disturbing in some scenes (a knee begins to puss, bloody wounds, mud soaked characters). There is one section that was very claustrophobic and tight, only adding to the suspense. The ominous scenes and the growing suspense created for an absolutely horrifying ending that, was built up so much that the final moments were almost disappointing. But no hard feelings. Overall, though violent it was a well directed sequel that everyone should watch.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness