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Parent of a 11 and 16 year old Written byDemidov July 26, 2013

Strongly suggest "mature" 14+ age limit.

I do not understand why there is a common sense age rating for 12 year olds. The film depicts an adult book store, a male prostitute dressed in drag, the term "getting" laid, and so on. Yes, children probably hear about this sort of thing at school, but viewing as a family film is not a place for my child do be exposed to these sort of things. I strongly suggest 14 and up, if you are a parent who feels these sort of situations are something you would not like exposing your "innocent" children to.
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Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Adult Written bywonder dove December 28, 2012

Lots of fun! You'll want to buy this one!!!

Blast from the Past is a highly enjoyable movie about a nice young guy named Adam (Brendan Fraser) who grew up with his hilarious parents in a bomb shelter underground that his father built after believing that a nuclear bomb exploded and they are terrified to leave it. The shelter is amazingly built with everything you can possibly want, but food and supplies are getting short and Adam is sent outside in the real world for the first time to collect those supplies for his family to survive another few years. Being clueless about almost everything, Adam meets a beautiful girl for the first time named Eve (Alicia Silverstone) and is instantly attracted to her - and because of his sweet charm you can't resist - Eve finally accepts him into her life and grows more and more in love with him. It's a sweet romantic comedy that's downright hilarious, fun and even heartwarming. There are quite a few sexual references throughout like major flirting on a dance floor when women start coming on to Adam, sexual tension between Adam & Eve, some jokes that Adam doesn't get, kissing, an ex-boyfriend flirts with Eve, Eve asks Adam if he's a virgin, references to a gay character, prostitutes in drag are shown (this is just to show how messed up our world is and that it's not all fluffy bunnies and rainbows like Adam and his family believe). Language is pretty frequent for a PG-13 and includes some "f" words. Violence is mild and includes a fist fight, some crashes in a comedic way, Adams dad has a heart attack but recovers, a car chase. There is smoking, drinking and a bar scene. Lots of good role models throughout. Alright for mature 13 year olds I think.
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Great role models
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Adult Written bygoodgirl September 3, 2015

great late 90's movie.

great movie! the music in the movie is great like I see the sun when Adam is roller blading in the park. a movie mostly for tweens and teens and if there 12 and up its alright.
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Great messages