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Unique & Underrated!

First of all, the CommonSense review has it wrong. Jenna is not the little girl, she is the little girl's biological mother (played by Angela Bettis). Cody is the little 6 year old girl. This is a very unique movie! Very underrated. I would rate it about 3.5 stars out of 5. It's a little on the intense side, there is a lot of good versus evil. The film also has religious themes too. There are rituals involved. The little girl (Cody) is a good girl who has special powers of her own. Her real mother is troubled and cannot take care of her any longer, so her sister (Kim Basinger) known as Mim takes Cody in and raises her as her own child. Later when Cody is mysteriously taken, she is raised by evil or satanists who eventually try to "convert" her into satanism because they are aware of her unique powers. It's up to Mim to figure out how to get her back undamaged. It's a tough subject so it's not recommended for the light hearted, nor is it appropriate for younger viewers. Violence is heavy with shootings and some torture, a homeless man is burned to death in front of a child, needles stuck into eyes, lots of evil activities throughout including some creatures, rituals and scary images. Language is not that bad, a couple of "f" words. No sexual content that I recall. There is an injection of drugs into a woman. I would say it's fine for 15+ ages because it is not soaked with bad langauge and sexual stuff like most R rated horrors.

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