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Don’t listen to expert review!

First, I’d like to say that the expert review leaves out most of the bad things in this film. Violence - A woman attached to a rope on stage falls. A mans angry ex wife points a pair of bush trimmers at his private parts. The same woman throws plates and jugs at the same man (she misses) A woman throws knives at another woman - misses. Along with other slapstick violence meant for a laugh. A woman holds a razor to a mans neck. A woman drives her car off a cliff (unintentionally) she is later shown in a morgue. Sex - There is some innuendo between a mans wife and ex wife. A man starts passionately kissing his wife. A woman dances around a garden just wearing her underwear. She then goes upstairs with her husband and says ‘make love to me like it’s the first time’ the. She pins him to to bed. (At the time she was drunk on something) Then she says she isn’t in the mood and goes to sleep. (Played for laughs) After this, the mans ex wife comes into the room and says she is in the mood. Then pins him to the bed. All brief and then scene cuts off after she pins him to the bed. A woman says to a man that she wants theirs beds moved back together. Language - Someone days damn. Drinking - Characters drink alcohol infrequently when at social gatherings.

This title has:

Too much sex